What’s New in the World of Hemp?



Much has been going on lately, both in my world and in the world of hemp!

Let’s start with my world. My book transcript is finished, now I am editor shopping and working on a book cover, as well as a cover for a spoken word CD I will be creating to go with the book…and one other creative project I may add to the package! Exciting times!!

There has been so much news about hemp lately, I almost don’t know where to start!

It is exciting to see daily, weekly, and monthly progress in education and legalization of hemp. Having said that, below, in outline style, is a run-down of what is happening nationally:

1) The call for hemp homes is getting stronger! Hemp Industries Association is offering a 3-day hands on course for building homes from hemcrete. Hemcrete is strong, versatile, and a high performance alternative to traditional building materials. Homes made with hemcrete leave a negative carbon footprint. The class is in September, so there is still time to check it out! You can find the information HERE.

2) Virginia is currently drafting a hemp farming act; when I hear more about the details I’ll share them here!

3) Next year, California may finally be planting hemp seed in research fields. Last year the bill passed, but it as been slow to get the action going. Again, as more details become available I’ll be writing and keeping you up to date!

4) GREAT NEWS FOR WASHINGTON STATE! First of all, I’m sure most of you know that recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Washington State. I do believe that this helped get the door open for industrial hemp farming. Currently there is pending legislation to allow hemp farming. Washington State has much farmland, and some of that isn’t even being used. How great it would be to see that land utilized for a crop that can feed, heal, house, and clothe us, fuel our cars, and much, much more! Whatcom county soil (which is where I live!!!) will be tested, and hopefully some test plots planted here. In my honest opinion, this is an excellent choice – we are, after all, the berry capital of the world (raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries) with our wonderful soils, as well as producers of corn, potatoes, and other crops. You can see the news clip from NBC News HERE.

5) “On May 12, Murray State University made history by becoming the first entity of any type in the nation to legally place industrial hemp seeds in the ground as part of a statewide trial.” What great news to see that hemp is legally planted in U.S. soil! http://murrayledger.com/news/growing-like-a-weed-msu-industrial-hemp-crop-thriving-in/article_2f1fb430-fe7f-11e3-bec4-0019bb2963f4.html

6) Tennessee is jumping in: “The Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s proposed rules for hemp farming include plenty of red tape.

Under the proposal, farers would have to obtain a $500 license, be subjected to random testing of THC levels (to ensure trace amounts compared to marijuana) and provide GPS coordinates for their fields, Nashville Public Radio reports.

State Sen. Frank Niceley (R-Strawberry Plains) told the station that strict rules were necessary to open Tennessee’s’ doors to industrial hemp, but that he hopes there will be fewer hoops to jump through in the future. Farmers wishing to grow hemp can submit applications to the state later this year to begin growing in 2015.” http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/morning_call/2014/06/stateagriculture-department-proposes-many-hoops.html

7) And here comes Nebraska! “The first federal law mentioning hemp came in 1937. Congress discouraged the high THC varieties of cannabis, like marijuana, while exempting farmers who grew the crop for industrial uses like fiber and seed. It enjoyed a short resurgence during World War II, when the federal government actually promoted the crop, petering off in the 1950s. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 put the current kibosh on the plant. It required farmers apply for a federal permit before growing it. No commercial permits have been granted since then.

But in a historic move, the 2014 farm bill allowed hemp cultivation in areas where state laws have legalized the crop.” http://netnebraska.org/article/news/921662/now-appearing-hemp-first-time-decades


As you can see, the movement toward hemp farming, cultivation, and use is increasing as populations are learning about the excellent uses and versatility of hemp (not to mention a huge boost to the economy!). Can you feel the momentum? I can!

Kentucky, California, and Colorado are among states that have welcomed its return. Nebraska recently passed a law opening the door for farmers to grow hemp. Currently 12 states have legislation on the books that would allow cultivation of hemp as laid out in the recent Farm Bill.

Who’s My Daddy?


I’m sharing a deep post today by my fellow blogger, Gregory Marshall. Reading this post, I could feel his heartache, his sorrow, and his determination to find out the truth…before time runs out.

I invite you to read, comment and share his blog – Greg’s words come from his heart, and in re-telling his life experiences he creates an uncommon bond with those who have been through the same trials, a journey that we all embark on to be the best we can be regardless of our circumstances and history.

Originally posted on From the Mind of GMan:

                                                Who's my daddy
It all started about 52 years ago. The man who claimed to be my father was treating me like a complete stranger. I was one of 5 children, and I was born second to the oldest: 4 boys and one girl. The oldest 3 boys shared the same father, the 2 younger ones shared another. My oldest brother looked just like the man we called our father, and I looked like my mother. The few times my father was around he always treated my oldest brother with favoritism. They both grew to look like twins so there was no denying that child. They’re still close to this day.
As the years passed by I began to wonder how a man that calls himself our father could…

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Graduation: Smile Now, Cry Later!


I am sharing a guest post again today from Gregory “GMan” Marshall. His life and words have had a big impact on me, and I do hope his words touch YOU as well! Enjoy!

As always, if you like Gregory’s writing, please follow, comment, and share!

Originally posted on From the Mind of GMan:

                                                         Getting my G.E.D at YTS
“I easily completed the G.E.D. requirements before moving forward to learn a vocational trade. Now I could hang out in the auto body shop with my homeboy Li’l Man from 107th Street Hoover Crips. 

Getting my diploma and learning a trade was just a formality. Felony convictions on our records meant that the possibility of getting a job after release was slim-to-none. Who would take a chance on a criminal?

My real education came from my peers, dudes from every walk of life. Some were ghetto superstars like Big Diamond and Monster Kody from the Eight-Trey Gangsters; Fats from…

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ABUSE…You Are Not Alone!


Most of us at one point have experienced abuse. Just remember….you are NOT alone!

Originally posted on From the Mind of GMan:


The whippings started shortly after we moved in. I was signaled out for being the strong one and received the majority of them. Jerome became his favorite and Clarence would let him stay up until late watching old war movies and eating popcorn, while the rest of us were made to go to bed.

…The fighting started as soon as Mama entered the house. His voice was loud, his speech slurred. He accused her of seeing another man because she was twenty minutes later than usual.

Doors slammed and Clarence cussed and yelled at the top of his lungs, “You lying bitch! Don’t you run from me!” Another door slammed, then there were a few moments of silence. My brothers and I were perfectly still in our bunk beds. …The silence was broken by a loud scream from my mother. “Please, Clarence! Just let us leave!” A heavy thump…

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Recovered from technological tyranny

I have been offline for a bit, my computer had gotten bitten by some bugs, and after a couple weeks of ‘trying’ to fix the issues, I ended up wiping my computer clean and restoring it to factory settings. This involved transferring all my files to an external drive, cleaning, deleting, reinstalling, uploading, updating and all the other goodies that happen when one needs to start fresh!

The bug that I had did not allow me to visit links or sites, aside from Facebook and Gmail. And each of those had to be on a different browser. It also appears to have affected my computer’s ability to read site addresses.

So, now I’ve got my computer back up to speed and we are ready to rock n roll!!!

If you haven’t done so yet, please visit my friend’s page, fromthemindofgman.wordpress.com. He has published his first book and is currently writing his second one, which will be a BEST SELLER! His life has been one of love, despair, joy, tears, agony, and triumph. He was shot in a drug deal gone bad, died 3 times on the operating table, lived to tell about it AND became an author and motivational speaker.

Please show Gregory ‘GMan’ Marshall some love, will you?

May today be filled with blessings and joy.





Keeping an Attitude of Gratitude


Today I am sharing a blog by a dear friend of mine. He has been through some of the most devastating trials one could imagine and is still here to tell about it (his first book, GMan: The Education of a Criminal, gives an intense look at his life and events leading up to his being shot and surviving). I invite you to read his blog, his ‘about’ page and also his website (it is a link in the right sidebar of his blog). I also invite you to ‘follow’ him and join him on his new journey as he ventures into the wonderful world of blogging!

Please welcome Gregory ‘GMan’ Marshall to the blogosphere!

Originally posted on From the Mind of GMan:


It seems like only yesterday that I was forced to accept the fact that I was shot up and paralyzed. I can never forget the deep depression that I experienced. I felt like life was over for me. I went from being a vibrant youthful shot caller to less than a shell of a man overnight. Suicide was never far from my mind. I’ll also never forget the moment that I made a decision to live and not give up.

Somewhere along the line I began to be grateful for my life. My faith started to kick in. I started to see life appear in my limbs that were useless at one time. I started to feel like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.

The day I decided to write my autobiography was the greatest challenge I’d ever faced. I’d never used a computer in my life. I looked at…

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