Hemp has been used for clothing and fiber for 10,000 years. An excellent fiber choice, it does not need pesticides, uses less water than cotton, has longer, stronger fibers than cotton, and is UV resistant, making it longer lasting than other fibers.

Any item of clothing can me made from hemp – even wedding dresses! But, what about our feet?

Guess what? Our feet can be as happy as the rest of our bodies wearing hemp – because there are such things as hemp shoes and boots!

Some manufacturers are creating hemp footwear for those of us who want to be more environmentally responsible and, for those who are vegans and do not want to use animal by-products, there is hemp footwear for you as well that is manufactured with natural rubber soles.

The body of the footwear is made from woven hemp. The hemp wicks away moisture, keeping the feet comfortable and dry; the hemp is also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

So the next time you are shopping for environmentally responsible, vegan footwear – know that there IS something, just for you!

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