Treating Depression Symptoms with Hemp

Did you know – depression is a chronic illness that affects over 20 million Americans each year?  And, unbeknownst to many, depression is an inflammatory disease.

What causes depression? There are numerous studies that state that depression is the result of many factors:

1. Genetics. It appears that depression is genetic. However, it has not been pinpointed as to HOW it is passed from generation to generation.

2. Illness. Often depression is a RESULT of dealing with an illness or injury.

3. Abuse. Verbal, physical, and emotional abuse can lead to depression later on in life.

4. Nutrition. Poor nutrition contributes to depression in several ways. These are : vitamin and mineral deficiencies; diets too high in sugar; and deficiencies in Omega fatty acids. Insufficient fatty acids can cause the brain to ‘short circuit’.

Depression is an illness that is directly related to brain health. This is where the Omega fatty acids come in. The brain is primarily fatty tissue, and for optimum health sufficient fatty acids must be incorporated into the diet. Fatty acids help with memory; they improve cellular repair; they also help with the communication pathways in the brain.

Hempseed and hempseed oil have the perfect ratio of fatty acids needed by the human body. Hemp’s nutritional value is such that not ONLY can it help with depression and other brain related disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, it can help the body by regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and aid in cellular repair. It also is an anti-inflammatory and helps with pain and discomfort. Often these symptoms are results of other illnesses or injuries, which in turn can be factors in the depression.

Proper nutrition is returning as a treatment for depression, as many patients are not wanting to resort to chemical medications (although in some instances, medications are needed to get the brain back in ‘balance’).

If you are on medication, I do NOT RECOMMEND stopping your dosage. Please speak with your primary care physician about incorporating hempseed, hempseed oil, or hemp-enhanced products as an accompaniment to your prescribed medication.

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