Love Your Pets? Feed Them Hemp!

We are all becoming very familiar with the exceptional nutritional values found in hempseed and hempseed oil, and the miraculous health benefits that these products provide. From cellular repair to cardiovascular health to treating diseases and disorders, hemp is an all-natural beneficial way to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

But what about our pets? They deserve the best nutrition, just as we do!

There is now, on the market, hemp-enriched dog food, bird seed, cat food, and feed for farm animals.

Hemp-enhanced pet food may help avoid and/or treat common conditions that our furry friend suffer from. The Omega fatty acids in the hemp may help treat skin conditions (pruritic skin disease and atopic dermatitis), degenerative joint disease, neoplasia (abnormal cell growth or tumors), and allergies.

There are some hempseed oil topical treatments for dogs. They can be applied to the nose and pads to help heal and prevent cracking and dryness.

Of course, we can’t forget toys! Animal toys made from hemp are stronger and safer than those made with other fibers or plastics. There is no worry about the pets ingesting toxic chemicals from plastic toys.

Hemp animal bed covers are durable, washable, and hypoallergenic. They are also mildew resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Make your pet a hempy pet!

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