Treating Your Winter Skin With Hempseed Oil

Summer is not the only season when your skin needs special care. The winter months are upon us, and this is when your skin may become chapped and dry.

Cold, frigid air can cause some drying, but the main culprit in winter is indoor heat. Indoor heat can cause drying and chapping because it is low humidity.

Protection from UV rays is just as important in winter as it is in summer. Even though it is cooler, the UV rays are still there!

Using skin care moisturizers with a hempseed oil base are perfect for conditioning and protection skin. Hempseed oil is also has UV resistant properties, so it is a good idea use natural hempseed oil based sunblock.

Hempseed oil contains two fatty acids in particular that are excellent for skin care. Hempseed oil contains 60-70% lineolic (LA) and 15-25%  linolenic (LNA). It also has carotene and vitamin E (both are antioxidants).  The LA and LNA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) contain phospholipids – organic compounds that are building blocks of cell membranes.  Phospholipids are very similar to the natural lipids found in the skin, and help combat dryness and keep moisture in the cells.

The carotene and vitamin E help protect the skin from winter sun damage.

Not only is hempseed oil an excellent nutritional supplement, but it’s wonderful for your skin, too!

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