For Healthy Eyesight Try Hemp!

Hempseed is known as one of nature’s most perfect plant foods. Hempseed is full of nutrients such as Omega fatty acids, vitamin E, carotene, 20 amino acids, protein and phytonutrients.

It has the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega fatty acids, optimum for the human body. Sufficient intake of Omega fatty acids is critical for healthy eyesight.

Studies have shown that mothers who added hempseeds and hempseed oil to their diets had children who as infants had better visual acuity.

Omega fatty acids help with cellular repair and also lubricate the eye. They also help decrease the risk of high eye pressure and glaucoma by aiding the ocular fluid with proper drainage.

Macular degeneration is often associated with aging. Some studies have shown that intake of the Omega fatty acids reduce the chances of suffering from macular degeneration.

For people who suffer from untreated hypertension, vision problems and blindness may occur resulting from optic nerve swelling. Omega fatty acids may help reduce the symptoms of hypertension, and sufficient intake of hempseed and/or hempseed oil can help regulate the cardiovascular system.

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