Hemp Toilet Paper ~ Treat Your Tush

What? Hemp toilet paper? Yes, I can hear you asking. And yes, it is HERE!

Imagine, a product that we all use every day. And it is TREELESS!

One acre of hemp can produce as much as 4 acres of trees, in a fraction of the time. Hemp heals the soil, does not cause erosion when it is harvested, and is environmentally viable.

Hemp not only heals the soil, it also cleans the air that we breathe. It is carbon-negative.

Producing any type of paper from trees involves a more chemically-intensive process. Processing hemp paper does not create harmful dioxins, or any of the thousands of chlorinated chemical compounds that are not only unhealthy, but dangerous.

A natural, organic source for toilet tissue? Good for the environment?

Yes, it is here.

Believe it.

9 responses to “Hemp Toilet Paper ~ Treat Your Tush

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    • Yes:)
      The really cool thing, John, is that our company, Forevergreen/Versativa, is working on getting the permits so we can start growing our own hemp for our products. Can you imagine the huge step that will be? I am THRILLED about it!

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