Hemp and ADHD ~ Addendum With Article From NPR News

I recently wrote a post about treating ADHD with hemp, and how insufficient intake of Omega fatty acids may contribute to ADHD. Today I came across an article on NPR News that again states that a diet high in protein with sufficient Omega fatty acids may help children with ADHD.

“…experts don’t deny the importance of diet. Far from it.

[Diet’s] main role in my clinical practice is as a complementary treatment,” Benjamin Prince, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital tells us. That means kids with ADHD usually need medicine and good diets.

But what makes a good diet? Here are three tips for kids on the ADHD spectrum from the experts:

Eat a protein-rich breakfast. Kids with ADHD tend to burn lots of calories and can often be too overstimulated to sit down to eat. In addition, medication often suppresses their appetites. Put all of these factors together, and kids with ADHD are prone to feeling “hangry,” Prince says. (The term — a cross between angry and hungry — was coined by Prince’s friend.) The solution? Keep the calories coming. Complex carbohydrates, like whole grains, and foods rich in protein can help kids feel full longer.

We think there’s some link between having low amounts of long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids and ADD.”

This article speaks of ingesting Omega 3s from fish oil, but for those who do not eat fish or are vegan/vegetarian, eating hempseed and hempseed oil are excellent ways to get the Omega fatty acids.

As an example : Hemp Pulse, a product that has hemp, nuts, seeds, sprouted seeds, and dried fruits is a beautiful combination of healthy carbs, fiber, and protein. Made with clean/organic, whole, raw foods, it is a healthy, nutritious way to incorporate the needed nutrients with no added chemicals, sugars, or preservatives.

There may be some instances where medication must be used, but for those who would like to go the nutrition route, hemp would be a healthy addition to the diet.

*I am not a physician and do not recommend stopping any medications. This information is from my research only. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your primary care provider.

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