Acne? Try Hemp!

Acne is a very common skin condition, and it’s not a condition that is only experienced during the puberty phase of growth. From teendom and onward, almost anyone at any age can suffer from acne. It can be a painful (and esteem-lowering) condition.

Acne is the blockage of follicles due to over secretion of cells. The blockage is sebum, or oil, that is present in the skin. These blockages then allow bacteria growth, which in turn cause the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads milia, inflamed patches, pain, and scarring.

Acne that appears during puberty is normally the result of increased amounts of testosterone (yes, females have testosterone as well).  For most people acne diminishes when they reach their early 20s, but for some people the acne will continue on into 30s, 40s or even 50s.

Hempseed and hempseed oil are excellent for healthy skin. Hempseed oil is rich in protein and Omega fatty acids, and both are great for the skin. The essential fatty acids in hemp hemp with healing and cellular growth.

Hemp is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial (antiseptic), and nutritive for hair and skin.

Adding hempseed and hempseed oil to the diet will help most skin conditions (I noticed that my skin felt fresher, cleaner, more alive); applying it topically can also be beneficial. There are several hempseed oil based skin products on the market.

*I personally use Versativa’s Hemphoria on my skin. It is meant to be taken internally, but I experimented and put it on my face at night (not a good idea to put it on in the morning, it is orange-colored). Hemphoria is a product with whole hemp, astaxanthin, orange, passion fruit, pomegranate, sweet lime, rose, and frankincense. Not only does it make my body feel incredibly fresh when taken internally, but after using it on my face for 3 nights I noticed my skin was smoother, fresher, younger-looking, and my minor acne had disappeared. I had a few lesions on my face as well, and they were reduced by half after 3 days.

**This post is based on my own research and personal experiences. It is not mean to be used as professional medical advice. If you are on medication for severe acne and have questions, please contact your medical care provider.

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