Occupy ~ For Hemp!

The ‘Occupy’ movements worldwide are making huge statements. We’ve got Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Seattle, Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, Egypt, Spanish Indignants in Spain. Occupy movements are now going on in over 82 countries.

The main action behind the Occupy movements is to protest economic and social inequality. However, the Occupy statements are now filtering into other aspects.

Let’s look at Willie Nelson, for example. He is taking on the fight against the corporate elite – in this case, the corporate giants that monopolize the food system.

“From seed to plate, our food system is now even more concentrated than our banking system. Most economic sectors have concentration ratios hovering around 40 percent, meaning that the top four firms in the industry control 40 percent of the market. Anything beyond this level is considered “highly concentrated,” where experts believe competition is severely threatened and market abuses are likely to occur.” (Willie Nelson)

The corporations that are controlling the food system are also the ones who are putting American farmers, especially small farmers, at risk – as well as destroying the soil that the food is grown in.

Hundreds of citizens joined Occupy the Food System groups outside the Federal Courts in Manhattan on Jan. 31 to support organic family farmers in their landmark lawsuit against agribusiness giant Monsanto. Arguments were heard that day concerning the lawsuit by 83 plaintiffs representing more than 300,000 organic farmers, organic seed growers and organic seed businesses.” (Personal Liberty Digest)

It is my belief that we should Occupy for Hemp. Hemp, the miracle plant of the ages, is nature’s perfect gift. Hemp is used for food, fuel, medicine, textiles, rope, oil, clothing, shoes, plastics, automobile panels…the list goes on and on.

Hemp does not need pesticides or herbicides to grow, it is naturally insect and weed repellent. Not only that, hemp heals the soil that it is grown in, reducing the need for field crop rotation.

It is, for the most part, an organic, nutrient-dense food – a perfect food for the human body, and hemp has the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega fatty acids. It is so nutrient dense, in fact, that it could eradicate world starvation.

Because hemp has been put in the same class as marijuana, it is still deemed illegal to grow without a permit from the DEA (who at this time are refusing to allow the permits to grow hemp).

It’s hemp that will heal us, feed us, clothe us, heal our environment, clean our air, fuel and build our cars, and remove our dependence on fossil fuels (oil). It will put our farmers BACK to work. The millions of family farmers that are being put out of business by agri-giants NEED to be able to grow hemp. With the U.S. being the LARGEST importer of hemp, it only makes sense that we should…

Occupy for Hemp.

6 responses to “Occupy ~ For Hemp!

  1. Hemp Healer,
    How are you? i totally beleive in what you have posted. I also have a question ? what site do i go to to find a suppliment for my overall health regimine? on yours? Light and love to you dear friend. Cathy

  2. Last week I had an indebt conversation with Ken Wolski of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – NJ http://www.cmmnj.org He said that there are only two medical marijuana centers being built in New Jersey (Montclaire and Egg Harbor) – and that the bureaucratic rhetoric is making it extremely difficult for people in pain to benefit from the overt medicinal aspects of “regulated” marijuana. It amazes me how much ignorance
    predominates the political landscape! I wish I could have access to a clean tincture and/infusion that hasn’t been tampered with by the black market, period…

      • This is our Gov.s’ Job so it seems and that as long as we the people/patients are dependent on their drugs, use and burn all of our trees up so eventually we can’t breathe, they seem to be happy. Blows my mind that there is this little place called “the METHADONE clinic” where they will help junkies stay addicted for a mere 10 bucks a day. They have so much literature printed by them that sais “Methadone is safe, even employers are given paper work that sais that it does not effect the performance of the patient, nor their driving ability!!!! Now Methadone is a synthetic heroin! How is this so? when Marijuana can reduce the need for higher more dangerous levels of pain medicine? GREED. I don’t know about you but heroin is not safe! Maijuana is safe. Hemp is needed. If we don’t stop killing are flippin trees we won’t get the oxygen exchange. So what we have here is a gov. that WILL indeeed legalize hemp and MJ once they have put all of the smaller farmers/ clinics, etc. out of business and can take over the growth, production and sales of Hemp and MJ. Leaving small business and patients out in the cold. Light and love, Cathy
        This is just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. In the documentary Billion Dollar crop made in 1994, they talk that popular mechanics who had “hemp” on the front page in 1938 was the next big cash crop.

    That Billion then was 30-50 billion now and that not with all the extra things we know we can do with hemp. Take fuel and it more like USD 300 billion per year.

    The diversion of the collective good, the travesty of suppressing hemp, denying it as food to stop starvation is really a crime against humanity.

    The suppression started 70+ years ago and at 50 billion per year is 3.5 trillion and at 300 billion per year is 21 trillion. Maybe even more when medical value is taken into account.

    Maybe you may have had no foreign debt with hemp.

    This is the scale of what at stake, stay in focus about how to change the world for our collective good and not the “robber baron” corporations that lobbying governments and subvert your democratic rights. Not all corporations are bad, but once Standard Oil set the template for business behaviour , a lot thought it was good model to follow.

    In NOV 20102 who is going to right the above, not your presidential candidates but you still have time to hassle the 468 congress people + XXXX senators and be heard.

    How can you be heard, street marches across the nation are too much work and over and forgotten, has occupy Wall Street fizzled.

    Look at the number less than 1000 congress people, what 500 senators and you need a few thousand people to hassle them regularly, ideally in public. That’s are do able task

    They can get all the lobby money they like but a few “sheeple” at all their town hall talks get woken up to the liberation of industrial hemp and all that money won’t help them get back in. Grass roots, that’s your power if you choose to use it.

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