Eating Hemp Can Reduce Cortisol, The Stress Hormone Which Can Be A Diabetes Trigger

Did you know that increased stress can raise blood sugar?

Stress releases cortisol into the body, a hormone that suppresses the immune system, aids in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, and increases blood glucose levels. Cortisol uses protein to create increased blood sugar; the excess sugar is then converted to body fat.

Cortisol is produced by the adrenal gland. Prolonged cortisol secretion due to long-term stress may produce insulin resistance, bone loss (osteoporosis), increased blood pressure, and kidney problems, to name a few.

It has been shown that Omega fatty acids reduce cortisol levels due to stress. They also prevent the pancreas from producing an over-abundance of insulin (which causes fat storage). Omega fatty acids have also been shown to help reduce stress itself.

Because the brain is mainly composed of fatty tissue, getting sufficient fatty acids in the diet is important.

Hemp is an excellent source for Omega fatty acids because it has the perfect 3:1 ratio of fatty acids needed by the human body.

*Note : stress is not necessarily a CAUSE of diabetes, but it can be a trigger; stress = higher cortisol = increased blood glucose = insulin resistance and excess body fat = diabetes.

6 responses to “Eating Hemp Can Reduce Cortisol, The Stress Hormone Which Can Be A Diabetes Trigger

  1. Hey you,
    How are you doing Becca? Your new pic. on fb is so pretty, you look healthy! So, because i suffer from CRS would you please send me the link to order your hemphoria bottle? i have been looking for a product to help me re-build my body into the light being that it is suppose to be at this juncture in time. Anyway, for the price ( with bennys out weighing the cost) compared to other products, and i have done research (((smiles))) I am going to try your product, so again plz and thank you for sending ove your the link again. Light and love, Cathy

    • Thank you Cathy! If you look to the right and scroll down, you’ll see a photo of the Hemphoria – just click on it and it will take you directly to the site 🙂

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