People Who Are Anti-Hemp ~ Uninformed, Unprincipled, or Just Afraid Of The Truth?

Enjoy today’s ramblings!

I used to be anti-hemp. No, really. It’s true. However, my anti-hemp stance was strictly from lack of knowledge. I didn’t even KNOW there was such thing as industrial hemp. I didn’t know that hemp and marijuana were 2 different plants. All I ‘knew’ was what I heard now and then, “Hemp is pot! Pot is bad! Hemp is marijuana! It’s immoral!” Of course, we all can see that I am now one of the Informed ones.

In order to be Informed, one must have an open mind. One must be open to new ideas, open to learning, open to study, open to see all points of view – medical, scientific, social, political, economical, etc.

Next are those who are Unprincipled. Is that harsh? Maybe, but true. There are many companies, corporations, entities, and people who are anti-hemp because hemp would threaten their investments. The pharmaceutical business makes anywhere from $18 billion to $35 billion a year. I am not anti-pharmaceutical per se, but I am anti-medicine when it is known to be dangerous, or prescribed when it doesn’t need to be – especially when there is a healthier or natural alternative such as hemp.

What about law enforcement? Again, I am not anti-law enforcement, but I AM pro-ethical/moral law enforcement. How many in law enforcement believe the propaganda? How many ‘get’ that hemp prohibition is unethical? (I am a big fan of L.E.A.P, by the way.)

Professional lobbyists are hired by corporations, groups, or individuals, and their job is to influence the official decision-makers in the government. We can be certain that investors in timber, oil, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and agriculture have lobbyists on their side making sure that hemp farming in the U.S. remains under the chains of prohibition.

Who is afraid for the Truth? It could the the Uninformed, it could be the Unprincipled, or it could be those who fear change or a return to what was once the norm.

I know people who are very set in their beliefs. Sure, beliefs are a basis of strength for some. But what happens when someone’s beliefs are challenged? “If the truth as I know it is not REALLY true, then what else is not true?” That can really shake some people up. They have to re-think their position. And some will simply stay with what they believe no matter what because change is frightening.

What we need to do is continue the hemp dialogue, continue teaching, and continue working toward the goal of ending hemp prohibition. We MUST work together to bring hemp back to where it belongs – farmed again on American soil.

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