Putting The Right Foods In Your Body – CHOOSING Health

We all want to be happy and healthy. We want to feel vital.

Many of us have very busy lifestyles, and sometimes we tend to reach for foods that are fast, easy, and convenient. How many of us have had those days when we’ve been rushed, and we grab some processed food, open the can, toss it in the microwave, eat it, and run?

Unhealthy eating, for some, is an unconscious act. (I have been guilty of this myself. I’ve been rushed, grabbed some processed food, tossed it in the micro, then ate it and went on with my day, realizing AFTERWARD that it was a very poor choice, AND later on, not remembering what it was that I ate).

Industrialized nations, where ‘busyiness’ is prevalent, are the nations with the most incidences of inflammatory disease – much of it due to pollution, toxins, and unhealthy foods.  Some people are just not aware of what is in processed foods, or which foods have been genetically modified – and the commercial food industry profits from that, along with the pharmaceutical companies. Highly processed foods that are low in nutrients and high in fat, salt, and chemicals are NOT feeding our bodies, they are simply empty calories that cause our cells to starve, thus resulting in inflammatory and other diseases and illnesses.

Healthy eating is an attentive act.  We need to be AWARE of what we are putting into our bodies – what it is, where it comes from, choosing foods that are low or non-processed and low or free of chemicals and toxins.  Healthy eating sometimes takes a little planning or a few extra minutes of preparation.

When we EAT consciously, we eat slowly, taking our time – chewing, feeling, swallowing, allowing the nutrients to filter through our bodies, allowing us to feel healthy and alive.

Again, it is this CONSCIOUS act (and yes, it takes practice) that allows us to purposely choose what we put into our bodies, keeping us in a state of health and vitality, vigor, and endurance.

2 responses to “Putting The Right Foods In Your Body – CHOOSING Health

  1. You’ve always been so inspiring, thank you for your blog to enhance our awareness and our dedication to Health and Balanced Being.

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