A New Milestone ~ 40,000 Views!

At 7:45 a.m. Pacific time my blog surpassed a new level – 40,000 views! (Yes, I DID spend the last hour refreshing every 3 minutes so I could get a snapshot of the big number – but you readers are just too fast for me, I caught it at 40,002!)

My main purpose in making a big deal about my new blog’s milestone is to thank YOU for your support and readership, for your comments and shares. Without YOU I would not have reached this.

I find great joy every morning in logging in and seeing the list of countries that has read my posts. This has been a great learning experience for me. I have enjoyed the interactions, the comments, the shares, and the questions. In addition, some of your comments have given me new insight and new topics to write about.

This has been an avenue of sharing my thoughts, a place where I can post what I’ve learned, and a way for me to follow the advice of 2 old souls who connected with me recently, “Save the children, save the earth.”

There are many ways we can help our planet, and the souls who inhabit her. Mine is just ONE way. Perhaps yours is growing a community garden, or speaking publicly, or feeding the hungry and clothing the cold; maybe your path leads you to create music to heal the soul or maybe just even something as simple (yet profound) as meditating and raising the energy that will create a positive impact all who you come in contact with.

As I can see every day on my WordPress map, this is a planet with truly no borders, and we all come together here in this space to learn, connect, share, spread the word, and do our part to “save the children, save the earth.”

I look forward to the next awesome number: 50,000…and then…onward to 100,000!


5 responses to “A New Milestone ~ 40,000 Views!

  1. Hi… I’ve been a lurker for a while, but wanted to congratulate you on both the excellent job you do here, and the number of readers you have helped educate about the truth of the amazing hemp plant!

    I am a veteran who much prefers to use medical cannabis for my PTSD. I just came off an ‘experiment’ of taking the VA’s prescription of Zoloft for it that was just awful. I’d always heard that those medications can make you feel worse in some ways, and one of my best veteran friends out in CA with the same diagnosis for the same source of her PTSD had warned me about Zoloft, as did several Dr. friends of my who much prefer to prescribe cannabis for their patients. My CA VA doc and Vet Center doc’s fully supported my using cannabis and said they would prescribe it if they could. But then the VA sent me to TX and here they can’t do that, so they gave me Zoloft. I didn’t want to take it, but decided that I would give it a try and the benefit of the doubt. But… It did indeed make me feel like a zombie.I couldn’t seem to think well. It gave me sweats and made my legs twitchy. It made it hard to sleep so they gave me Trazadone for that. Ugggh. After a week and a half on the meds, I realized I was feeling badly poisoned. I couldn’t think, I lost my creativity.. felt like ants were under my skin. And an undesirable feeling of general yuckieness. Now its been 2 days now without it, and I feel like I am coming out from under a cloud. I used my cannabis cookies instead, and am MUCH happier, active and feel like I am participating in life again instead of just watching it.

    I pray that the election brings a fresh wind and that finally, our govt realizes the fallacy of its ways and the destruction of the people in it’s greedy attempt to subdue keep so valuable a plant from the world. I firmly belive as we go, so will go the planet. Time to end this embargo on all the wonders of the hemp plant, and bring our economy and our people into freedom.

    Thanks for all you do here..

    • Hello Myst, thank you so much for popping in!

      I do understand about the Zoloft, I was on it years ago, and yes, I did feel like a zombie. It was awful.

      I’m glad you are using natural medicine!

      It is my hope that on Tuesday Washington state legalizes MJ and hopefully that paves the way for legalization to be nationwide – as well as the ability to farm hemp again.

      I thank you so much for your support…have an awesome day!


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