I Have A Hempy Dream!

This morning after taking my daughter to school (when I am driving is when I have my best ideas and do my best thinking) I had a thought. It wasn’t a new thought, but it had new energy.

I’ve always wanted to be involved with Habitat for Humanity. But my idea, my dream has a new twist. HEMP Habitats for Humanity. Solar hemp homes! I want to help put families in their own homes, homes that are carbon negative, environmentally healthy, and energy efficient. I want to get dirty, drive some nails, use my hands to help create a healthy environment for those that need a roof over their heads.

I, also, dream to have one of those homes. Solar. Hemp. Energy efficient. Clean. Healthy. Bright. A place that I know will not tax our planet, but HELP it.

I want to start by building one in each state. Can you imagine the impact just from one carbon negative home? I want this to go viral. I can envision communities like this, pockets of clean, green areas that heal, not harm.

I want this to be a movement, a wave. Wait, let me backtrack. WANT means lack. It WILL happen, and it will happen in my lifetime.

How will this happen? I do not know. But I do know I am not alone in this dream. I have put this dream out to the Universe, and where there is a will, a desire, there is always a way.

Who is with me? Who will join me in envisioning this dream and making it happen?

The time is NOW. For our planet, our environment, our economy, our children.

So, hop on this ride, folks, let’s make it happen!

15 responses to “I Have A Hempy Dream!

  1. Check out a company in Asheville, NC called Hemp Technologies. They built the first all hemp house in America and the video is on YouTube. The house is over 3000 sq ft and only has a power bill of $78 per month in winter! Wow! That is some great insulation in that house!

    • I’ve seen it! Pretty awesome, yes??? The insulation properties of hemp are amazing, as well as the ability to clean the air inside the house 🙂 Thanks so much for the reminder, I’ll have to watch it again:)

  2. A good start was made on Channel 4 TV (UK) a couple of years ago on Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs series http://www.channel4.com/programmes/kevins-grand-design . Kevin McCloud, an experienced architect, used prefabricated Hempcrete panels to construct houses for a social housing project in England. To cut a long story short the houses and apartments turned out to be incredibly warm in Winter and required little or no heating (in a country where central heating is the norm, September to April). If you can’t access the video on Channel 4’s website I strongly recommend looking for it on Youtube or better still write to Kevin through Channel 4 (UK). I understand he’s very approachable!

  3. I think your vision is wonderful!! So glad to have googled my way to your site1 I have had a similar thought. Linking people with land, and farmers, and knowledge and support. From the first seed to the finishing touches people can literally grow their own home 🙂 For now, I’m just focused on learning how to build the hemp home and deal with the red tape I fear will come with it. With more people learning and sharing these kinds of dreams, soon there will be less tape, more homes. Much love and good luck to you.

  4. Hi Great Idea
    If you are looking for hemp for your house ,they grow Hemp in Canada , for insulation etc.
    Look up Roland Seeds, Taber Alberta Canada

  5. Hello, I’m glad that I wondered on your site, I too have visions about Hemp. I desire to gather and connect with like-minded individuals and lead a march on Washington to demand that they tell the American people the truth about hemp. My gut feeling tells me that if this untruth was revealed, that we (the American people) would take back this resource that the Creator left entirely for the humanity. With a New Age starting I believe that our opportunity is just around the corner. People were gradually waking up, I believe that soon a mass of people will wake up to a lot of truths in a few. Keep dreaming, let us be the Creators of Our Own Destines.


  6. Have you Considered using http://www.kick-starter.com to fund your project? This is an excellent website to gain support from many people from all walks of life. You may well easily achieve your dream if you use this avenue. On another note I encourage you to buy the book and read, The Amazing Gallbladder and liver flush, by Andreas Moritz, I receive intuitive messages and I am convinced I found your blog and am to give you this, you will benefit from this book in incredible ways. I wish you blessing and success, love and light, Namaste.

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