Great News!

hemp field

Yes, this IS great news!

Many of you are aware that Colorado has legalized the use of hemp.

A farmer in Colorado, who owns 3,000 acres of farmland, will use 100 of those acres to start growing industrial hemp. His first crop will be used to produce food-grade hempseed oil. This project will be good to gain understanding of the viability of hemp farming in the U.S.

On the other hand, there are those who are AGAINST the hemp farming. According to the Richmond Register, local law enforcement OPPOSES the farming. Their argument? “Dan Smoot, of the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police and president of Operation UNITE, a drug education, treatment and enforcement organization working in eastern Kentucky, said supporters are looking “through rose-colored glasses if they believe hemp production would be a good alternative crop or provide an economic boon.”

He said there isn’t a great demand for the crop, and legalizing its production “would create more problems than benefits and is currently not permitted under federal law.””


““It is impossible to distinguish between hemp and marijuana with the naked eye,” KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer said.”

Here are my key arguments: There is a distinguishable difference between hemp and marijuana. Other countries, where hemp farming is legal, have no problem telling the difference between the 2 plants. Hemp farming WOULD provide an economic boom, because of the need for clean fuels, environmentally healthy crops for textiles and plastics and building materials, and  healthy food.

It is my hope that the Federal government does NOT interfere and allow the farming of hemp. This is an excellent start to get BACK to the crop that supported our nation a century ago.

photo credit: higgott via photopin cc

14 responses to “Great News!

  1. Hi Heamphealer,
    I subscribe to your blog and cause. If the Federal Gov. intervenes it will most likely be on the behalf of Dow Chemical, Big Pharma and a host of large corporations very much against competition from this proven alternative to by products and or products that come directly or indirectly from BIG OIL and all their friends. Up to this point in our evolution back to simple basics this has been the only real reason the Feds have had for their position on this very important and timely subject.

      • You so welcome. I’m doing my part here on the West Coast small town USA. I would like to revitalize an old Douglas fir nursery to supply starts for both hemp farms and lab / medical grade to licensed stores / distribution sites here in Washington State. Next week there will be a meeting in Vancouver Washington to take public input on the structure and format of the new law and rules for distribution and taxation of this product. The very least I hope for is complete debt balance / elimination for our great State.

    • I will keep you posted on the out come of the Public forum and questions raised and the general outcome. So you can Blog or otherwise pass on more information for your followers.

  2. If opposed it is for selfish greedy reasons…I read that the US IMPORTS a lot of hemp products…how can it be illegal if it is being imported? Sometimes I really hate the US…it is ran by selfish idiots!!!!!!!

    • Lorelai,
      The US has always imported hemp products because of legal jargon and basic BS and as you say greed. There are many reasons the main one is money and how much can be made from cheap items produced by cheap labor. They beat the legal part in the US because you can’t smoke a shirt made of hemp and get high. Bad humor aside we here in the US plan on growing and producing everything from shirts and all kinds of clothing to many constructions components. This will employ many US citizens. The Key will be in making sure this hemp fiber and by products are grown and sold here in the US and not as you mention imported to cut costs at the cost of US jobs. There are many other issues and challenges facing us as we become more independent of big corporations and change the laws to benifit all people on this planet not just the US. Thank you Lorelai for your input. It will be food for thought and I will bring this to the attention at the Public forum Feb. 7, 2013.

      • Joseph,
        I am glad to hear you are on the case. You sound intelligent and I felt how calmly you were speaking. That is a good combo to get people to listen and hear you. We have so many things to fight, so many wrongs to right…It is overwhelming…

  3. Lorelai,
    Thank you for you nice words. We live on this small spaceship called earth together. It is important we all fight the same fights and focus on our common ground instead of our differences.
    Be well,

  4. Well i learned tonight that Washington State’s Charter prohibits a debt. So unlike the Feds. we have none. So all is good. In other words we can only raise money in this state for services and projects for the common good. I.E. Resulting from the sales of all hemp / pot products. Time to set the stage for the rest of the state that will follow us. Washington and Colorado.

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