New website, and hemp farming news!

Hello everyone! I am finishing up my new website, which is very comprehensive (and has taken a couple weeks to create). I will continue to write here, but will have a link on my site for my WordPress blog. I am trying to figure out if I can link the 2 and keep both interactive together, but that remains to be seen! 

Some big things have been happening in the hemp world!! 

Thirteen states have now legalized industrial hemp farming, and 25 states are considering legalization of industrial hemp farming! Now, this doesn’t yet mean that it will be for anyone who would like to farm it, but it does allow farming for research. It’s a small step (we have gone from total prohibition to limited farming), but I do hope that in my lifetime we see widespread hemp farming throughout the entire country. 

This will be a huge boost to our economy, especially since hemp products are a billion dollar industry, with markets covering hemp foods, fabrics, building materials, car components, beauty products, plastics, and much more. 

Stay tuned for more hemp news as it happens, and also be on the watch for integration of my new website with this blog. 

As always, I appreciate your readership!!




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