What Are Your Thoughts Reeling In?




Every moment. Every quarter second.

Mind thinking, neurons flashing. ZAP! Another thought.

Where will it go? What will that thought create? 

Have you ever stopped to think about how many thoughts you really send ‘out’? Twenty more thoughts have just been released into the Universe. Thirty. Each creating a little ripple in this web we perceive as time/space. A little, tiny idea or a huge delicious dream being cast out ‘there’. 

What will it hook onto? What will you reel in?

If you are anything like me, you’ve got 100 or more lines cast, each baited and ready to snatch onto a reality, a dream, a wish. Sometimes I wish I could throw back what I’ve reeled in. Wonder if ‘catch and release’ applies here? Or is it like clam digging? ‘What you dig you keep, regardless of size or condition’.

Probably a good time to re-bait some of those hooks with perfect ideas and truths : squirmy, electrified neon ‘worms’ made of visions of my highest good.

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