Kentucky Gets Ready to Plant First Hemp Crop in Decades

Kentucky is preparing to plant their first industrial hemp crop in decades. The first seeds are scheduled to be planted May 16. Eight pilot projects around the state will be implemented to gauge the crop’s market potential. 

The entire article can be seen HERE.

Now, I know that legalization and reintroduction of hemp farming again will be a slow process, especially since it is a threat to oil, big pharma, and timber industries. Industrial hemp is a billion dollar business, and the U.S. imports hemp from Canada, China, South America and other countries. It is my opinion that the slow comeback also is in part a way for those big industries to either find a way to keep it held back in a way OR find a way to get their hands in the pot (pun intended) and keep small farmers from profiting. 

Either way, at least there is change and we will see a market come back that has been outlawed for far too long.


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