Recovered from technological tyranny

I have been offline for a bit, my computer had gotten bitten by some bugs, and after a couple weeks of ‘trying’ to fix the issues, I ended up wiping my computer clean and restoring it to factory settings. This involved transferring all my files to an external drive, cleaning, deleting, reinstalling, uploading, updating and all the other goodies that happen when one needs to start fresh!

The bug that I had did not allow me to visit links or sites, aside from Facebook and Gmail. And each of those had to be on a different browser. It also appears to have affected my computer’s ability to read site addresses.

So, now I’ve got my computer back up to speed and we are ready to rock n roll!!!

If you haven’t done so yet, please visit my friend’s page, He has published his first book and is currently writing his second one, which will be a BEST SELLER! His life has been one of love, despair, joy, tears, agony, and triumph. He was shot in a drug deal gone bad, died 3 times on the operating table, lived to tell about it AND became an author and motivational speaker.

Please show Gregory ‘GMan’ Marshall some love, will you?

May today be filled with blessings and joy.





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