ABUSE…You Are Not Alone!

Most of us at one point have experienced abuse. Just remember….you are NOT alone!

From the Mind of G Man


The whippings started shortly after we moved in. I was signaled out for being the strong one and received the majority of them. Jerome became his favorite and Clarence would let him stay up until late watching old war movies and eating popcorn, while the rest of us were made to go to bed.

…The fighting started as soon as Mama entered the house. His voice was loud, his speech slurred. He accused her of seeing another man because she was twenty minutes later than usual.

Doors slammed and Clarence cussed and yelled at the top of his lungs, “You lying bitch! Don’t you run from me!” Another door slammed, then there were a few moments of silence. My brothers and I were perfectly still in our bunk beds. …The silence was broken by a loud scream from my mother. “Please, Clarence! Just let us leave!” A heavy thump…

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