Graduation: Smile Now, Cry Later!

I am sharing a guest post again today from Gregory “GMan” Marshall. His life and words have had a big impact on me, and I do hope his words touch YOU as well! Enjoy!

As always, if you like Gregory’s writing, please follow, comment, and share!

From the Mind of G Man

                                                         Getting my G.E.D at YTS
“I easily completed the G.E.D. requirements before moving forward to learn a vocational trade. Now I could hang out in the auto body shop with my homeboy Li’l Man from 107th Street Hoover Crips. 

Getting my diploma and learning a trade was just a formality. Felony convictions on our records meant that the possibility of getting a job after release was slim-to-none. Who would take a chance on a criminal?

My real education came from my peers, dudes from every walk of life. Some were ghetto superstars like Big Diamond and Monster Kody from the Eight-Trey Gangsters; Fats from…

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