Who’s My Daddy?

I’m sharing a deep post today by my fellow blogger, Gregory Marshall. Reading this post, I could feel his heartache, his sorrow, and his determination to find out the truth…before time runs out.

I invite you to read, comment and share his blog – Greg’s words come from his heart, and in re-telling his life experiences he creates an uncommon bond with those who have been through the same trials, a journey that we all embark on to be the best we can be regardless of our circumstances and history.

From the Mind of G Man

                                                Who's my daddy
It all started about 52 years ago. The man who claimed to be my father was treating me like a complete stranger. I was one of 5 children, and I was born second to the oldest: 4 boys and one girl. The oldest 3 boys shared the same father, the 2 younger ones shared another. My oldest brother looked just like the man we called our father, and I looked like my mother. The few times my father was around he always treated my oldest brother with favoritism. They both grew to look like twins so there was no denying that child. They’re still close to this day.
As the years passed by I began to wonder how a man that calls himself our father could…

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