As someone who has experienced depression, I can relate to this post deeply. Depression isn’t just sadness, it’s an all-encompassing experience that often is felt physically as well as emotionally. Everyone has difficult times, but sometimes it takes all that one has to climb out of this deep darkness, even to the point of needing some extra help via counseling or medications.

Please take the time to read my friend’s post, reblog, share, and if you feel led, talk about it. The more we talk about it, the less mysterious it is.

From the Mind of G Man


I couldn’t live the rest of my life in pain and sadness. I reached over to the nightstand and put every pill I saw into the glass of 7-Up. The clear liquid had turned a murky blue from the coating on the Lorcet pain pills. I tried not to think about my family. Committing suicide would be considered a selfish act on my part, but they weren’t walking in my shoes.


Jay was already waiting for me. I should have been with him anyway. The tears were flowing so hard I could barely see the contents in the glass. I picked it up and swirled the glass around then set it down. All I needed now was the straw.

The television was the only source of light. I glanced down and spotted a single straw on the carpet. It was a huge degree of difficulty, but I could reach it…

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