Hemp Batteries – The Power Source of the (not so distant) Future?


hemp battery

Late this summer (yes, you can see I’ve fallen behind on my newsworthy visual concoctions) NBC News and other news outlets reported that hemp could be a viable component in super-conductors. Now, my own personal knowledge of the technical aspects is quite limited, and my own language and understanding would probably take away from the message. So, instead of me trying to mumble my way through the technical specs, facts, and data, let me share with a a blurb and a link.

This certainly isn’t a surprise to me, because let’s face it, hemp is so durable and has so many uses that I can’t think of anything it CAN’T do (well, within reason, of course)! Without further ado, here is the article you’ve been waiting for:

“A team led by David Mitlin, an engineering professor at Clarkson University, heated up hemp fibers to create carbon nanosheets that can be used as electrodes for supercapacitors. Compared with graphene, the hemp-derived carbon is “a little bit better, but it’s 1,000 times cheaper,” Mitlin told NBC News.

“Supercaps” are often characterized as the super-battery of the future, but Mitlin said the technology is actually more complementary to next-generation batteries.”




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