Love Wins!

love is love

Before getting back to creating this morning, I decided to look over the news. Of course the BIG news is marriage equality. First of all, many thanks to Mildred and Richard Loving, who fought against the law banning interracial marriage. Their love, activism, and persistence were a perfect example of how to change unjust laws regarding marriage. The ruling in 1967 allowing interracial marriages set the stage for yesterday’s marriage equality victory for same sex couples.

Am I wrong for finding the outrage and comments of conservatives and anti-gay persons hilarious? And some of what they are spouting makes NO SENSE whatsoever; much of the vitriol is connected to their “knowledge” of religion/Bible/God.

So, let me ask a few questions and toss a few comments your way:

1. How does a legal piece of paper giving my sister the right to marry the woman she loves and allowing her (a human being) the same legal rights and protections as any other married human being, even REMOTELY affect YOUR marriage? Since when is it your business who she lives with, drinks coffee with, does laundry with, works in the garden with, shares an evening enjoying the sunset with?

2. “Traditional (biblical) marriage.” Let’s stop here for a moment. You want to get all literal? Ok. Let’s talk about marriage in the Bible. Polygamy. Ordered to marry your rapist. Concubines. Marrying prisoners of war. Shall I continue?

3. Separation of church and state: I’ve seen comments about how our “founding fathers” are rolling in their graves right now. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’d be high-fiving each other due to the fact that the Supreme Court has agreed that no religion can have a say in who marries whom in the U.S. A MARRIAGE is a civil contract, having nothing to do with the church. A WEDDING, however, can have a lot to do with (and in) a church.

4. No, this does NOT mean people will be marrying their dogs, their houses, their cars, and NO, this does not open the door for adults to marry children. Where on EARTH is this ignorance coming from? Marriage is a civil contract between CONSENTING ADULTS. Last I heard, no dog or car or house can sign a marriage license, nor would any county clerk allow a child to sign a legal document that they have no understanding of.

5. “Marriage equality is wrong because marriage is for procreation!” (Insert eye roll.) Really? How many married hetero couples cannot have children? How many choose NOT to? Should their marriages be banned? How often, on any given day, are hetero couples having sex WITH BIRTH CONTROL because they do not want children?

6. What committed couples enjoy in their own bedrooms, as consenting adults, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I’m pretty sure same sex couples have no desire to know what you are doing in your bedroom on a Saturday night after watching Fox News. (Yes, I went there smile emoticon ) So why would you make it YOUR business to get all up in THEIR bedroom? Are you curious? Are you secretly gay? Are you jealous? Or is your life so unfulfilled, do you dislike yourself so much, that you have to insert yourself into the lives of others and try to make theirs just as awful? (Hint: don’t worry, same sex couples don’t give a flying f*&^ what you do, who you do it with, or how you do it.)

7. “The world is going to hell! This is the end of freedom as we know it! Next our religion will be banned!” Ok. Freedom for ALL. That’s it. No same sex couple is going to take away YOUR freedoms, ever. Religion will not be banned. However, actions by many in the name OF religion have taken the freedoms of many in this country, (and the world: imprisonment, death). You’ve got it all backwards. No one cares who/what/why/where you worship. No one is taking that away. But YOU need to step back and stop using your religion and the Bible as clubs to beat others into submitting to what YOU believe is right, based on false teachings and fear & hate based rhetoric.

8. You are all screaming about the “gay agenda.” Well, ok. Yeah. You know what it is about? Equal rights. Period. Freedom to BE…without persecution, judgment, and abuse. But let’s change “gay agenda” to just plain “freedom under the law.”

9. Be careful. Your hate is showing. Your fear is showing. I have a suggestion. Stop, open your minds, and relax. Connect and engage. Realize that the Constitution is here to protect the rights of ALL. Be grateful that you have the RIGHT to free speech, the right to practice whatever religion you want, the right to marry whomever you want. Step back and think about it: allowing every human the same rights benefits ALL.

10. Why would you want to move to Canada, now that marriage equality is the law of the land? It’s also legal in Canada, don’tcha know? I’m pretty sure they don’t want your bias and hatred dirtying up their waters.

11. “Now we will have another civil war!” Eh, I’m pretty sure there won’t be. For some it may feel like it. What we will see and hear is the death rattle of persecution and judgment against same sex equality. I feel your pain. It’s hard to let go of hate and bigotry when it’s been the basis of how you live your life. But guess what, there is life after death. So when you’ve released that crap that serves no one, you’ll find a new freedom within you.

13. Now, what can we do to protect our African American brothers and sisters from hatred and racism? What will it take for everyone to live in peace with no judgment, bigotry, hatred, and fear? What will it take to stop the unlawful imprisonment and the destroying of families? What must we do to end the needless killing of children and young men? We can’t stop now.

Every human on this planet should be able to enjoy equal rights, no matter WHAT. We need to step back from the fear, hatred and judgment and realize that underneath our skin color, behind our gender or sexual preferences, there lives a soul that desires to love, live, and be happy; someone who wants to fulfill their dreams. How we live our individual lives with our individual preferences and desires is what makes this planet so beautiful. It’s called DIVERSITY.

FREEDOM AND EQUALITY FOR ALL. This is what matters. Living from the heart. Living free from persecution. Acting from a place of love. Embracing all.


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