Wondabubba is making a Big Splash!


Wondabubba cover-image 2500 px wide

Recently, I was fortunate to work with a gentleman who wrote a book a few years ago. This past week, it was finally published for Kindle and ready for the world to see!

Yes, I am an adult, and yes, I love kids’ books! Especially ones that have wonderful messages and phenomenal artwork!

This book did NOT disappoint!

The story is one of determination, courage, and problem-solving. Gary Giles tells it in a way that keeps the reader engaged; the artwork draws the reader in so that they feel as if they are actually experiencing the adventure personally.

“The adventure begins for Wonda when he must find a way to bring water back to his friends. However, in order to get the water, Wonda must get permission from Old Man River! Will Wonda save his friends or become the victim of the villainous Undertow?

This story is an adventure in earth sciences, filled with fun metaphors and stunning images for children of all ages.”

If you are looking for an absolutely delightful story book with incredible images, you just can’t go wrong with “Wondabubba and the Big Splash!”

You can check out Gary Giles’ website here and the link to purchase the book is here.

Happy reading!


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