My Introduction to PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy, and Why I’m Hooked!

I had the pleasure recently to be introduced to a modality that is quite literally changing my life and my health.

I became acquainted with a couple who manufacture PEMF machines, and they graciously allowed me to test it out. Within SECONDS I was hooked.

Imagine, if you will, the sensation of a gentle tingling throughout your body. Also imagine experiencing that for 20 minutes while relaxing; tiny electrical “bubbles” flowing over and through your body. Yes, for me it was like bathing in pure energy.

I had known about PEMF before I actually got on the machine, and had read (and seen videos) about how PEMF opens the energy meridians in the body, helps with cellular repair and rejuvenation, and, to put it succinctly, recharges the cellular batteries.

Directly after my first charging session, I headed for the stairs. Normally, that would be only on an as-needed basis, as my hip and back had been giving me grief, along with the (5th year of) post herpetic neuropathy from shingles. So, I bounced up from the chair, trotted down the stairs and trotted back up again with perfect balance, and I didn’t even need the handrail! What?? Miraculous! My next test would be to walk down the front stairs to the carport straight down, instead of sideways, right foot first.

It was as if I had a new body! No pain, no twinges, no special way of walking (as is sometimes the case when the neuropathy is especially vocal).

Yesterday, I had another charging session. Within seconds, my body was feeling relief and an overall sense of well-being. My body felt alive, awake, sensational, and my mind was clear and bright. No fogginess, no fatigue. (This is huge, as the neuropathic pain can be so exhausting!)

Below is a post by Justin Brost, the gentleman who builds these amazing machines. It is a bit technical, but a very interesting read on cellular make-up and recharging our cellular batteries.

WHAT IS THE BODY DIELECTRIC? And how can it be positively affected?

The body dielectric is the overall makeup of the body’s energy field. This includes the unique electromagnetic (EM) field or signal originating from every cell and every part of the cell and every particle in the entire body. It also pertains to how each signal interacts and reacts to internal as well as external EM fields, waves and potentials.

What is the basis of the body dielectric?

The entire human body, as with anything, is comprised of atoms. Lots of atoms! In fact it is estimated that the average person, weighing 165lbs. has approximately 10 27 atoms in their body, and each of those atoms emits a very specific set of frequencies (depending on which state they are in). It should also be noted that the hertzian measurement for each of those frequencies extend out 5 or more decimal places. It is important to understand that an individual cell can be made up of well over a million frequencies. Thus lends the question, how can a digital system which emits an artificial digital signal only at a single or limited array of specific frequency(s) that extends out no more than 2 decimal places, really have a positive effect on the body dielectric?

All those atoms make up every individual cell and every part of every cell in the entire body. Every cell, within its makeup, has an internal battery. These batteries are made up of Phospholipids, a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes and form, what is called, lipid layers. The physical structure of the phospholipid molecule consists primarily of hydrophobic tails and a hydrophobic head. The head is hydrophilic (is attracted to water), while the tail is hydrophobic (repelled by water). The head contains negatively charged phosphate and glycerol. The tail is usually two fatty acid hydrocarbon chains. In biological systems, phospholipids often occur with other molecules such as; proteins, glycolipids, and sterols in a bilayer forming the cell membrane.

Think of it another way; the head is the electron conductor and the tails are insulators. Whenever conductors and insulators are stacked, a capacitor is created, or in this case, the cellular battery. The standard way of measuring the voltage (cellular energy) is by measuring the transmembrane potential (the difference between the inside and the outside of the cell membrane), and the cellular voltage of a healthy human being is -50mV. As that number drops (or rises, as may be) the cell becomes out of balance, e.g. +35mV is considered cancerous or simply mutated.

In order to bring the body dielectric into a state of balance, it is necessary to bring the cellular energetic amplitude, or voltage, to the -50mV, which will in turn, transmutate those mutated cells back to normal healthy cells. The “charging” of cancerous cells does not make the cancer cells grow, but does quite the opposite. In addition, when the body’s dielectric system, or cellular structure, is in balance, it is able to better expel toxins and heavy metals, fight against viruses, pathogens or parasites.

Although some have said that the body dielectric is a digital system, it quite easy to see that it is actually an analog systems, with some aspects or functions that can be construed (or misconstrued) as digital.

How do we charge those intracellular batteries?

Using an Energetic Fitness System, of course.

Historically, the primary source used to “charge” the body dielectric was the earth itself. The planet puts off a huge electromagnetic field which in turn acts like an induction coil pad used to charge cell phones using Farady’s Law of Induction. (Please note: Reference is made to an Electromagnetic Field and not a Magnetic Field like what is emitted by permanent magnets. The body dielectric “charging system” responds to EM fields, which are vastly different than simple magnetic fields. Also the EM fields must have a compatible frequency signature.)

The unfortunate part of the natural “charging system” is that the EMF output of the planet earth has dropped by more than 93% in the last 3,000 years and there currently is a void over nearly all of the western hemisphere where there is virtually no detectible magnetic field at all. Many theorize and use these findings to suggest this to be why we have seen such a jump in various chronic diseases and syndromes and use this rationale to market their products ability to correct the deficit.   But are these products actually correcting the underlying issue?

The body dielectric requires chemical support in the form of food sources and regeneration support in the form of sleep. It can also generate limited amounts of energy derived from muscle contraction. These are not being overlooked. If the body dielectric does not have enough available power to process these optimally, how can any of these be of much benefit?” ~ Justin Brost

To find out more about PEMF and Energetic Fitness Systems, please click here and here. If you contact Energetic Fitness Systems regarding PEMF info or wish to purchase an EFS, please use the coupon code “Inspires.”


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