I am an Artist; Writer/editor; Level II Reiki Practitioner; Founding Distributor at Versativa; Entrepreneur. An avid reader, I find that this enables me to continue to be a student. Every day is a learning experience, every word, article, book widens my perspective of life. This also carries into writing, more specifically – poetry. Words from the heart and soul carry much power and insight. What an exciting way to express feelings! A student of the Usui Reiki, I carry on the tradition of energy healing, bringing emotional and physical healing into practice using hands-on treatment as well as distance healing. A firm believer (and user) of hemp, I am passionate about educating others of the multitude benefits of industrial hemp – nutritionally, environmentally, and economically. One way I do this is through my business, Versativa. Being part of the movement is my passion and joy, offering the opportunity marrying network marketing and hemp products. To see more about Versativa, go to http://www.hemphealer.com. An entrepreneur at heart, I love the freedom of network marketing and using this incredible avenue to connect with others who share the same ideals and passions.

You can find me on facebook: Becca Inspires

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  1. Any idea where to find companies that support hemp roofing material? Hemp Technologies, and Push Design don’t deal in roofing. Please send me some info if you have it. Thanks.

  2. When you write about Hemp and all it curative powers, are you talking about the kind with THC are the kind grown in Canada with no THC? I want to use Hemp products but do not want the high. Most of the stuff I read makes no distinction. I write but never get an answer.

    • You can make your own tincture as well, very easy to do & is wonderful way to alleviate pain without a high. It does have THC and cannabinoids in it but the alchohol tincture I make does not make me high. I use a teaspoon in my coffee and my pain is gone. No more Ibuprophen (causes chemical gastritis among other things) or vicodin (was damaging my liver) or antidepressants (just generally bad) and no more HRT (no more hot flashes, don’t know if that is just a wonderful side effect but I”ve actually become chilly lately!)

  3. I am Clay Douglas http://www.freeamerican.com I helped start the Paraphernalia industry, was the first distributor of High Times in Texas and helped back Jack Herer while he was writing Emperor Wears No Clothes. I would like to talk to you about doing an interview for my radio show. My numbers are on my website. I wrote books years ago about legalizing Cannabis that I am going to publish next year. Took 45 years of research but I was ahead of my time. Call me if you are serious about legalization of the Plant of Renown.

  4. DO hemp seeds and other hemp food have any thc content? I have read there are trace amounts of it, but i have also read that some companies say there products have 0% thc in them.

    • Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil from Canada, from companies that take part in the TestPledge Program, guarantee that the washed products have 0.3% or less THC. There is no way to get ‘high’ from this trace amount OR to fail a drug test. If you would like to see the companies that are part of the TestPledge program, you can follow this link: http://www.testpledge.com/companies.htm.

      I hope this helps!


  5. Hello,

    I’d like to talk to you more about what you are doing for the positive promotion of the cannabis plant (specifically the industrial hemp genotype). I am the Director of Editorial for a free bi-monthly professional publication advocating the cannabis plant in its entirety. I can easily be reached at the email I provided.

    I thank you for what you are doing for industrial hemp and look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Hi.
    I live in the Toronto area and am extremely interested in your work and products(?) available. I don’t know about the legalities involved in shipping to Canada, if possible, so could you please contact me via email? I have more questions but I will wait until I hear from you.
    Thanks and Cheers,

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