Who are the Courageous Heroes?


I was finally able to catch up with news and watched Caitlyn Jenner’s speech at the ESPYs. She was wonderful!

Of COURSE the haters came out in full force.

The most courageous acts are those where we allow the world to see our REAL SELVES. Much of our society is steeped in judgment, anger, and fear. For some, the biggest fear is rejection. We want to be accepted, to be loved, to be supported and empowered, no matter who we are or what we do with our lives.

I’ve often said that baring one’s soul is much more frightening than baring one’s body. “Normalcy” (I DETEST this word) is seen as more acceptable than being original. Why must we copy others to be accepted?

I told all 3 of my kids years ago, “I don’t care if you are gay, straight, bisexual. I don’t care if you worship the sun or the grass growing. All that matters is that you be who you are without fear. I love you unconditionally. Period. You are who you are. And I’ll be DAMNED if any of you feel like you have to take your own life because you feel like you are unaccepted or wrong for being YOU.”

Now, who is a true hero? ANYONE who has the courage to live and be in such a way that it feeds their soul. ANYONE whose courage to speak out prevents a child from taking their own life. ANYONE who speaks out for acceptance and respect toward any human being, no matter their color or sexual orientation.

This world is FULL of heroes, and it’s the voices of those heroes that should be heard. Whether those voices are from musicians, actors, athletes, the newspaper delivery man down the street, or the hairdresser in your neighborhood, the single mom working 3 jobs to feed her children…you can bet that yes, they ARE heroes.

I’d bet that many of those who are screaming the loudest against Caitlyn Jenner haven’t lifted a finger or a voice to save a life. In fact, their words and actions are doing just the opposite.

So I, as a bisexual woman, (and this is the first time I’ve said it publicly) am speaking out in my own way FOR acceptance and respect toward EVERY HUMAN BEING. I speak out for equality under the law. I speak out for justice. I speak out FOR diversity and AGAINST racism. I speak out for love and freedom. I speak out for the right to live in a way that feeds our souls and gives us the opportunity to uplift others, to live by example.

Soon the hate-filled voices will be drowned out by the love-filled voices.

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Love Wins!

love is love

Before getting back to creating this morning, I decided to look over the news. Of course the BIG news is marriage equality. First of all, many thanks to Mildred and Richard Loving, who fought against the law banning interracial marriage. Their love, activism, and persistence were a perfect example of how to change unjust laws regarding marriage. The ruling in 1967 allowing interracial marriages set the stage for yesterday’s marriage equality victory for same sex couples.

Am I wrong for finding the outrage and comments of conservatives and anti-gay persons hilarious? And some of what they are spouting makes NO SENSE whatsoever; much of the vitriol is connected to their “knowledge” of religion/Bible/God.

So, let me ask a few questions and toss a few comments your way:

1. How does a legal piece of paper giving my sister the right to marry the woman she loves and allowing her (a human being) the same legal rights and protections as any other married human being, even REMOTELY affect YOUR marriage? Since when is it your business who she lives with, drinks coffee with, does laundry with, works in the garden with, shares an evening enjoying the sunset with?

2. “Traditional (biblical) marriage.” Let’s stop here for a moment. You want to get all literal? Ok. Let’s talk about marriage in the Bible. Polygamy. Ordered to marry your rapist. Concubines. Marrying prisoners of war. Shall I continue?

3. Separation of church and state: I’ve seen comments about how our “founding fathers” are rolling in their graves right now. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’d be high-fiving each other due to the fact that the Supreme Court has agreed that no religion can have a say in who marries whom in the U.S. A MARRIAGE is a civil contract, having nothing to do with the church. A WEDDING, however, can have a lot to do with (and in) a church.

4. No, this does NOT mean people will be marrying their dogs, their houses, their cars, and NO, this does not open the door for adults to marry children. Where on EARTH is this ignorance coming from? Marriage is a civil contract between CONSENTING ADULTS. Last I heard, no dog or car or house can sign a marriage license, nor would any county clerk allow a child to sign a legal document that they have no understanding of.

5. “Marriage equality is wrong because marriage is for procreation!” (Insert eye roll.) Really? How many married hetero couples cannot have children? How many choose NOT to? Should their marriages be banned? How often, on any given day, are hetero couples having sex WITH BIRTH CONTROL because they do not want children?

6. What committed couples enjoy in their own bedrooms, as consenting adults, is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I’m pretty sure same sex couples have no desire to know what you are doing in your bedroom on a Saturday night after watching Fox News. (Yes, I went there smile emoticon ) So why would you make it YOUR business to get all up in THEIR bedroom? Are you curious? Are you secretly gay? Are you jealous? Or is your life so unfulfilled, do you dislike yourself so much, that you have to insert yourself into the lives of others and try to make theirs just as awful? (Hint: don’t worry, same sex couples don’t give a flying f*&^ what you do, who you do it with, or how you do it.)

7. “The world is going to hell! This is the end of freedom as we know it! Next our religion will be banned!” Ok. Freedom for ALL. That’s it. No same sex couple is going to take away YOUR freedoms, ever. Religion will not be banned. However, actions by many in the name OF religion have taken the freedoms of many in this country, (and the world: imprisonment, death). You’ve got it all backwards. No one cares who/what/why/where you worship. No one is taking that away. But YOU need to step back and stop using your religion and the Bible as clubs to beat others into submitting to what YOU believe is right, based on false teachings and fear & hate based rhetoric.

8. You are all screaming about the “gay agenda.” Well, ok. Yeah. You know what it is about? Equal rights. Period. Freedom to BE…without persecution, judgment, and abuse. But let’s change “gay agenda” to just plain “freedom under the law.”

9. Be careful. Your hate is showing. Your fear is showing. I have a suggestion. Stop, open your minds, and relax. Connect and engage. Realize that the Constitution is here to protect the rights of ALL. Be grateful that you have the RIGHT to free speech, the right to practice whatever religion you want, the right to marry whomever you want. Step back and think about it: allowing every human the same rights benefits ALL.

10. Why would you want to move to Canada, now that marriage equality is the law of the land? It’s also legal in Canada, don’tcha know? I’m pretty sure they don’t want your bias and hatred dirtying up their waters.

11. “Now we will have another civil war!” Eh, I’m pretty sure there won’t be. For some it may feel like it. What we will see and hear is the death rattle of persecution and judgment against same sex equality. I feel your pain. It’s hard to let go of hate and bigotry when it’s been the basis of how you live your life. But guess what, there is life after death. So when you’ve released that crap that serves no one, you’ll find a new freedom within you.

13. Now, what can we do to protect our African American brothers and sisters from hatred and racism? What will it take for everyone to live in peace with no judgment, bigotry, hatred, and fear? What will it take to stop the unlawful imprisonment and the destroying of families? What must we do to end the needless killing of children and young men? We can’t stop now.

Every human on this planet should be able to enjoy equal rights, no matter WHAT. We need to step back from the fear, hatred and judgment and realize that underneath our skin color, behind our gender or sexual preferences, there lives a soul that desires to love, live, and be happy; someone who wants to fulfill their dreams. How we live our individual lives with our individual preferences and desires is what makes this planet so beautiful. It’s called DIVERSITY.

FREEDOM AND EQUALITY FOR ALL. This is what matters. Living from the heart. Living free from persecution. Acting from a place of love. Embracing all.


I’m So Grateful

From the Mind of G Man

  behind bars

I woke up this morning and got my bike ride in before the rain came. I had Tupac playing on my iPod. “Me Against the World” is the song that got me started. Listening to his music forced me to ride a little further today. It was at that moment that I realized just how much music affects my life. I got back home and put Toni Braxton on my Pandora station. Took a long hot shower, lit a couple of candles, and put on my old comfortable pajamas. I was preparing myself to write.

The window was cracked. I smelled the rain before I heard it. There’s just something about the smell of the first drops that hit the pavement. I closed my eyes for a few moments and searched my mind for what I’d write next. A Kelly Price song came on, “Lord of All.” The…

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Flying High With Hemp?

Yes, that is a play on words! We know that industrial hemp can’t make anyone “high” unless that high is described as excitement with the ability we now have to grow hemp in some states.

To refresh your memory, one of my first posts was regarding Henry Ford’s hemp farm, which enabled him to produce hemp fuel and a car constructed with hemp panels.

Now, there is news that there will be a hemp airplane! Roadwarriorvoices.com posted an article earlier this month talking about this plane, and you can read it here!

What hemp products will we see in the future? Well,that remains to be seen, but certainly the sky is the limit when it comes to the wonderful products that can be created with this versatile plant!

It’s Time To Move Beyond “Him” vs. “Her”



The past couple days I’ve been in an interesting group conversation. The question was (and I’m paraphrasing the gentleman’s question), “To all the women on here, I want to know why you feel you deserve a good man.”

Now, generally I would have just passed on by and left it alone, but I found that I was curious about the answers I’d find. The first person to reply was a gentleman, who pretty much stated that “American women do not like to answer questions,” and then he added another derogatory comment that I shall leave out. Yes, I’m pretty sure he was wanting to start something, and yes, quite a few women replied.

At first, the answers were about wanting someone who supports, loves, encourages them, who won’t try to change them, etc. It then changed to one of the men asking, “Then why do you try to tell us who we can see or where we cannot go, because you think it is disrespectful to you?”

So, the women answered, and then Gentleman #1 piped in again (from here on out, I’ll call him #1), “Sir, not 1 American woman answered your question.” It was definitely getting interesting!

#1 kept on going, poking and prodding at the women who answered, even being quite disrespectful and rude toward women of color, women of a certain size, and woman of a certain nationality. Yes, you guessed it, he pushed my trigger button! Of course, I felt led to contribute to the conversation after that.

This was my first reply:

“There’s no definitive single answer. Everyone is different, with varying needs, wants, and preferences. I often see comments about “where are the good men” and “where are the good women.” Well, where are you looking, how are you behaving, and what have you been brainwashed to believe? How many people actually work on themselves first so that they can actually be a solid partner in an empowering relationship? Ideals change. Yet, what will it take to create a society that thrives on healthy, supportive relationships? I’ve got a few hints: eradicate jealousy (jealousy is simply insecurity and fear of loss), control, entitlement, unequally yoked partnerships (meaning, it’s half and half, not you give 10% and I give 90%). Come from a place of, “how can I BE that will encourage the both of us to grow and evolve?” Get rid of the silly “ownership” – it would be quite ridiculous to think that I could be 100% of what anyone needs, and it would be unfair of me to expect that from another. I would NEVER tell a partner what he/she would be allowed to do, wear, be, who they could be with, when, where, or how. So to answer your question, why do I deserve a good man? (Well, we all deserve a good man/woman, right?) … because I (everyone) deserve the experience of partnering with someone who is a mirror and helps me to see the real me, who helps me grow, who lets me give myself permission to be me with no apologies. The question maybe should be, “How are you BEING, what are you doing to empower yourself that will attract the one who wants to share that experience with you?”

#1 answered me, stating that I did not answer the question. I referred him back to the last part of my answer. Apparently that triggered HIM. He replied with a long paragraph, that has in the past 30 minutes been deleted, so I will do my best to remember what he said, and will share my answers. I will separate them into ‘conversation’ form for ease of reading.

I am not doing this to shame him, I am sharing this conversation because I recognize someone who is operating from a standpoint of “him vs. her,” not from a place of unconditional, conscious love, support, and acceptance. So, here goes:


#1: I can look in a garbage can for a sandwich, and maybe find a good one. I went to a pastor, he said, “Come to my church, you’ll find a woman.” So I dated a black woman and a white woman, the pastor said that he’d pay the women if they got me to give my money to the church.” I went looking for an apple and I bit into one with a worm. All women want a weak man, they don’t want strong men because they don’t want to be strong themselves.

Me: Aaaand it appears that you are judging ALL women by the bad apples you seem to have taken a bite of. (I am not calling anyone bad, I am alluding to the experiences themselves.)

#1: America needs to get rid of feminism. That’s the problem. That’s why almost all American men look for women in other countries.

Me: The men that I know are feminists. They are strong, they adore women who are strong themselves. The men I know and associate with support their strong women, and they hunger for a partnership with a woman who knows her place…as a leader, as a feminist, as a partner who shows him who HE truly is. And who gives a *&^% if men look for women in other countries? Women do, also. It’s refreshing (sometimes) to look past boundaries and citizenship and race.

#1: All women want is a man’s DNA so she can get child support. Where’s the equality in that?

Me: Sure, often men get the short end of the stick, but it’s not always the case. And a woman who attaches herself to a man who is of a lower consciousness and energy than she also has a lot to lose, including her self identity. You talk from a place of women are crap, and men are the losers in the game. You are talking from a place of “them” against “us.” You say you are looking looking, going, you are taking all this action and still not finding the right one. You appear to be focusing on “there are no good women.” Well, if that is where your energy is going, that is what your result will be and who you will attract. Sometimes the best way to find that perfect partner is to work on yourself first, stop looking, and allow that person to appear….when you have changed your outlook.

#1: Relationships have to have a boss. (In other words, woman, step down and get back in your place.)

Me: You say relationships are business, there has to be a boss…. I say, that is absolutely untrue. Relationships are PARTNERSHIPS, equality. Each partner has their own strengths they bring to the relationship, but to assign a ‘boss’ in the relationship? That is basically saying one is higher than the other, the other must be subservient, and is “less than.” I disagree with that wholeheartedly. That is the reason so many relationships fail or are unhappy. Because the one who is not the ‘boss’ ends up feeling less worthy. No, it’s equal everything. And a REAL partnership is one where each brings their own gifts and strengths to the table, each one uplifts and helps the other grow and supports each other, and gets their EGO out of the way. Men are just waking up, but some are realizing that the feminine is a very strong energy, and when the masculine stops doing everything in its power to keep the feminine beaten down and less than, when the masculine supports instead of divides, when the masculine stops fighting and helps the feminine in realizing who she REALLY is and both come together in perfect union as 2 wholes creating a more beautiful whole, then this world would be a better place.

#1: Women don’t want men to be real men.

Me: You say women don’t want mean to be real men? Women who are awake and conscious want exactly that. Both have a lot of work to do in recognizing the divine in each other, to recognize and accept each other’s strengths. There is so much jealousy, bigotry, control, him vs. her, them vs. us, there are so many people hurting and not working on healing the pain before they get into relationships because they think the relationship will heal them. That’s backwards. Everyone needs to just stop, take a few minutes to work on themselves, to grow, to wake up, to remember who they really are, and stop buying into the societal bullshit that runs on division instead of cooperation.

#1: It’s ridiculous for any man to think of marrying an American woman.

Me: Ridiculous for a man to think of marrying an American woman? Forget the citizenship status, in every single country on this entire planet, there are people who are asleep and in messed up relationships, and who subscribe to partnerships and marriages that are unhealthy. Boundaries, color, race mean nothing. In some countries it’s societal and fundamental religious control, it’s outrage at the freedoms of others, it’s “the man should control the woman” bs.

It’s ok though. Not everyone is on the same page, and still many have to come to a point where they are ready for a Conscious relationship based on mutual trust, freedom, evolution, support, love, and acceptance.  

I know who I am. I accept and love everyone unconditionally. I support those who are still growing. I embrace everyone 100%. I ignore color, race, sexual orientation, gender, social status. I look beyond all of that and I see them for who they really are, a part of the Divine expressing Itself as them. Do I connect with all who reach out to me? No, because I know that I desire someone who is on the same page spiritually and mentally; someone who sees me for who I AM, and who supports me in the way that best allows me to expand and fly higher. Someone who sees my visions and encourages me to fly, who will also be there when I come back down. Someone who is not threatened by my strength and power, someone who will NOT beat me down to satisfy their egotistic urge to control and rule over me, because they are too frightened to wake up to their own power.

In return, I support them in their endeavors, in their own growth. I encourage creativity, freedom, evolution. I desire relationships where we see each other as mirrors, where we meet on mutual ground and together do what it takes to hold each other up. When I allow the other to be free, to express him or herself, to connect with others from the standpoint of mutual joy and growth, then I also get to benefit from that.

Do I actively look for relationships? No. Everything flows to me. When I work on myself, when I stop trying to force things, when I relax, everything comes to me perfectly. Some relationships last a few minutes, some a few days, some a few weeks, some a few years. And I accept that. Who says a relationship MUST last forever? That’s a lie. We grow, we evolve, and we must be strong enough to let those we love go so that they may continue their journey which may or may not include us. And we let them go with love, instead of trying to hang on or control with egoistic little claws. Some societies have the norm where the man is in control, the woman must submit, and she must do as he bids. Some women accept that as the norm. But it won’t always be that way. The planet is waking up.

People are slowly healing from the abuse and control, and they are realizing that there are relationships that are more empowering. It won’t change overnight, but it is changing.

Again, this post is not meant to shame someone for what they believe. My purpose is to open eyes, to help us ALL to remember that we all make mistakes, we all have outdated beliefs that no longer serve ourselves, each other, and humanity…we all have healing to do, and we all deserve Conscious relationships that encourage us to grow, where we can support each other wholeheartedly, practice unconditional love, and give each other the freedom to BE who we are, as well as allowing us to give ourselves permission to live our truth.

My Tears Are The Ink

my tears are the ink


I’ve often heard it said that those who are hurting, or who have endured great pain, create the most beautiful masterpieces. What causes one’s heart to hurt, that is where one’s passion lies.

For too long my voice was silent about who I was. That is no longer true. My ‘voice’ is through my writing. And there is so much inside me that is pouring out.

Tears cleanse and heal. They are the ink that bring my inner self to life.

No matter if your ‘voice’ is music, writing, painting, acting, caregiving, or any other creative endeavor, let the world hear you. Give yourself permission to embrace who you are, give yourself permission to freely express yourself without fear or judgment.

We need you.

For those who have inspired me, you know who you are. I thank you for being an example of courage and strength, I thank you for giving ME permission to be me.

A Culinary Treat: Chocolate Hemp Waffles

I love social media. No, wait, love is so blasé, I ADORE social media! It’s a place where we go to discover and share new ideas, new friends, become empowered, and find awesome life hacks! Life hacks…I also love this phrase.

Imagine my delight when this morning my friend, Dulani Moore, shared a video showing the different treats that could be made in minutes with a waffle iron.



Isn’t that wonderful? Of course, since I’m the Hemp Queen, I’m including a hemp waffle recipe that I discovered that is sure to please your taste buds!

Chocolate Hemp Waffles with Strawberry Compote

Erin Bronner | Delicious Living

  • Serves: 6 people


These are over-the-top good, with an airy, crispy texture and subtle cocoa flavor. The compote is delicious, but you could omit it and serve the waffles with fresh bananas or berries instead. I make a whole bunch of these waffles and freeze them; on weekdays when my husband is looking for a quick breakfast, he takes one out and reheats it in seconds.

  1. Make compote: In a medium saucepan, bring strawberries, sugar, orange zest, orange juice, and syrup to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until thick, 10–20 minutes. Set aside. (Makes 1 1/2 cups.)
  2. In a large bowl, combine spelt flour, hemp flour or protein powder, cocoa, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, and sugar. In a medium bowl, combine eggs, milk, melted coconut oil, and vanilla; beat until well mixed. Add wet ingredients to dry and whisk until just blended.
  3. Preheat waffle iron to medium heat. Brush with melted coconut oil. Pour just enough batter to cover each waffle insert. Cook for about 3 minutes or until crisp. Serve warm with strawberry compote, garnished with hemp nuts and whipped cream, if desired.


PER SERVING (with 1/4 cup compote): 369 cal, 13g fat (2g mono, 1g poly, 10g sat), 49mg chol, 9g protein, 57g carb, 6g fiber, 247mg sodium


Happy waffling!