Are You The Victim Or The Victor?

I feel led to share something a little different today.  I find that lately all I see around me is despair, anger, outrage, fighting, and people just generally not at ease. This is sometimes difficult for me to bear, especially being so energetically sensitive, and often the onslaught causes me to step back and take a breather from the news and social networking. (Not a long breather, but long enough for me to clear my space for a bit.)

Every day my inbox receives enlightening messages, many of which I share on Facebook.  I have realized that when I share these daily tidbits, not only am I making my day brighter, but the lives of others as well.  Just a note, so that everyone understands, I do not post on Facebook to preach, it is more of a ‘self-talk’.  I see what touches me, I receive messages that are exactly what I need for that day, and I post them so they will ‘stick’ in my mind AND be more visible as I check into my Facebook periodically.  So, for my friends on Facebook, I am not preaching at you, you are all simply bystanders as I preach and teach myself!

This is an excerpt of a message in my inbox this morning:

“The difficulties we face can be a source of strength, enabling us to rise above perceived adversity. Accepting that premise, I am deserving of the heartache. I am worthy of the difficult lessons [The Universe] has given me. The question then becomes not “Why me?”, but “Why not me?”

It’s all in changing the thought, changing your perspective… changing your outlook. The choice is simple: become the victim, licking your wounds while resisting. This will result in turmoil, pain and immense suffering.

Or you can transcend above the quagmire, choosing instead to be accepting of the magnanimous gift.” ~ Dr. Terry Gordon

I saw an excellent movie the other day (if you want to check it out you can find it on YouTube, titled “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers In America”). One of the interviewees spoke of life, used the metaphor of life as a roller coaster. We chose to come into this life with these challenges, and many of us are using these challenges to evolve spiritually. She said that while we are on the roller coaster we can’t wait to get off. Yet, once we are off, we hop in line to get on it again. And I thought, how true! As much as I (think) I detest challenges, I find that they have given me the opportunity for INCREDIBLE growth, spiritual evolution, education, and the opportunity to look back in awe at how far I’ve come.

Before I go any further: Negative, positive, bad, good, evil, saintly, dark, light – these are all simply labels. They are judgments. When we label something, or add a judgement about it, our perception of it then determines how we will react.  These are not opposites, they are simply different spots on the SAME RULER. I find that when I put a label on something, I tend to ‘own’ it, and that is not necessarily something I may want to do. I want to be able to recognize it, determine if it is something that is needed for me to grow, or just let it go after I’ve acknowledged it. Nothing more.
This weekend I realized that I needed all the despair, the pain, the anger, the anxiety, the anguish, the screaming, the darkness ~ because they took me to a higher level of understanding (of myself and life and beyond) and personal evolution……The blacker the darkness you endure, the brighter your light can (and WILL) shine. ~ Becca