Becoming the Artist of Your Life

artist collage
You, as a Divine soul in a human body, are an artist, as well as Divine artwork.
You, operating in this human body, are the designer holding the paintbrush or the sculptor molding the clay. But what are you creating?
Is your life feeling like a black and white cartoon, devoid of color and depth? Or, is your life feeling like a lump of clay?
Oh, you’ve pushed, prodded, pulled, pinched, extruded, and thrown the clay in the hopes of building something beautiful, but the clay didn’t cooperate. Most likely, it was because the mind was taking over the artistic process.
Have you noticed that masterpieces are brought forth from the heart, and not necessarily the mind? Although the heart and mind must work cooperatively, the true artwork is from your center…your heart. (Click to tweet)
As artists (and we are all artists), we create from emotions. The energy from our feelings gives way to the motions of creation, no matter the artistic medium used.
Some of the most spectacular pieces of art are created from a place of pain, sorrow, rage, or fear. However, before those pieces could be created, the artist needed to feel. They needed to emerge from a state of numbness or stasis. They had to get to a point where they could transmute the energy into physical movements. They had to get to a point where they could transmute the energy into physical movements.
Those movements could in fact be painting, drawing, cooking, writing, meditating, singing or dancing. The point is, the energy needs to FLOW.
It is time to express. It is time to begin the journey beyond the mind. Harness the power inside you, for it is waiting to join this dance called life.
The time is now to bring your masterpiece alive.
I’d love to know how YOU are creating your masterpiece!
If you are unsure where to even start, or feel like you are in a rut or feel powerless, please leave a comment. You are not alone; I and our other readers are all here to support and encourage.
I see you, Artist.

Why the World Needs You to Share Your Purpose

summit-2502261_1920Many of us have felt a calling to share our gifts, or purpose, with the world.

Yes, some enlightened beings and luminaries, brilliant authors and artists may come to mind. But we all have a purpose, no matter how mundane we feel it might be. (Hint, nothing of purpose is actually mundane or of lower worth than those who hold a title of “famous.”)

Each of us came here with a gift. We have a passion for what we love to do in life. It could be as simple as cooking gourmet meals for your family, or as complex as traveling the world fighting for human rights.

Each person is a unique expression. Our distinctive gifts all contribute to add color and complexity to this wonderful world.

Why should you (if you choose to) share your purpose and story with the world?

For one thing, you could have the solution to a long-standing problem or issue. Or, you could (even unbeknownst to you) inspire another person to share their gifts with those who need them. A permission slip, so to speak.

This is a wonderful time to step up, step out, and present humanity with our purposes and gifts. You may not know just how much you are needed or who is waiting to be inspired by you.

Do you know how to access your purpose? Do you know what it even is? Go deep within, find what you are passionate about.

Alternatively, your purpose could be a result of struggle or pain. As a friend has said to me several times, “Our mess is in our message.”

Another favorite of mine: “Our passion is in our pain.” Again, the life we’ve lived could truly impact that of another, we just didn’t know it then.

Go ahead, dig deep. The world is waiting.