Hemp Cars & Hemp Fuel ~ Henry Ford Had The Right Idea

In the 1930s Henry Ford manufactured a car that he “built from the soil.” Yes, he built a HEMP car, with hemp grown from his own fields.

The car was composed of hemp plastic composite materials. Hemp panels on cars are lighter than steel, yet stronger. As you can see on the accompanying video, even after hitting the car with a sledgehammer there were no visible dents.

Not only was Ford’s car made from hemp, it also ran on hemp fuel. Ford recognized the vast economic resources of the hemp plant and intended his vehicles to run on hemp ethanol fuel.

Unfortunately, Henry Ford’s dreams of hemp vehicles that ran on hemp fuel didn’t materialize; cheap sources of fossil fuels were discovered, and shortly afterward hemp prohibition was initiated.

Imagine, a lighter, stronger car that runs on hemp fuel ~ this would mean a carbon-NEUTRAL or even a carbon-NEGATIVE vehicle, as opposed to a carbon-BASED vehicle that runs on fossil fuels.

Some auto makers today are utilizing hemp panels in their vehicles, making them more energy efficient as well as stronger and safer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Henry Ford’s vision become a mainstream reality?