Hemp ~ One Of The World’s Most Useful Plants

“The greatest service that can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.” -Thomas Jefferson

Throughout the ages hemp has been used as food, clothing, for shelter, and fiber.

8000 BC hemp was processed and used as fiber, clothing and food.

500 BC Gautama Buddha ate hempseed to survive.

100 BC hemp paper was made in China.

In 100 AD Pliny the Younger, a Roman imperial magistrate who was a prolific writer and orator, wrote papers telling about the uses of hemp. He also wrote a hemp farming manual.

In 1150 AD Muslims started Europe’s first paper mill. For the next 700 years hemp would be used as the main fiber for paper.

In the 1600 and 1700s hemp was an important staple in the United States economy. Farmers were required to grow hemp.

The 1930s saw a decrease in hemp use, mainly because chemical, pharmaceutical, timber, and oil investors saw that their investments would be threatened by hemp. It became very difficult to get the permits required to grow hemp.

Fossil oil was the main source for fuel; synthetics were used for fabrics; trees were used for paper goods. Unfortunately, these products were not healthy for the earth or environment.

Hemp, however, uses less chemicals in processing than the above resources and HEALS the earth.

It’s time to do this country a service and allow hemp, one of the earth’s most useful plants, to be farmed again. For health, environment, and the economy.