Why the World Needs You to Share Your Purpose

summit-2502261_1920Many of us have felt a calling to share our gifts, or purpose, with the world.

Yes, some enlightened beings and luminaries, brilliant authors and artists may come to mind. But we all have a purpose, no matter how mundane we feel it might be. (Hint, nothing of purpose is actually mundane or of lower worth than those who hold a title of “famous.”)

Each of us came here with a gift. We have a passion for what we love to do in life. It could be as simple as cooking gourmet meals for your family, or as complex as traveling the world fighting for human rights.

Each person is a unique expression. Our distinctive gifts all contribute to add color and complexity to this wonderful world.

Why should you (if you choose to) share your purpose and story with the world?

For one thing, you could have the solution to a long-standing problem or issue. Or, you could (even unbeknownst to you) inspire another person to share their gifts with those who need them. A permission slip, so to speak.

This is a wonderful time to step up, step out, and present humanity with our purposes and gifts. You may not know just how much you are needed or who is waiting to be inspired by you.

Do you know how to access your purpose? Do you know what it even is? Go deep within, find what you are passionate about.

Alternatively, your purpose could be a result of struggle or pain. As a friend has said to me several times, “Our mess is in our message.”

Another favorite of mine: “Our passion is in our pain.” Again, the life we’ve lived could truly impact that of another, we just didn’t know it then.

Go ahead, dig deep. The world is waiting.


Upgrades and Updates!

Me Apr 2020 by gate

Good morning, afternoon, or evening!

It’s been while since I’ve posted anything; many changes have been happening, especially now since the entire planet is shifting.

This past month has been most enlightening, to say the least! It’s as if the entire planet is turning inside out.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

On the contrary, even though many of us are having to deal with job losses, illness, or worse, there is still a silver lining that I’ve noticed.

Many of us have become more heart centered. We are seeing communities come together, and people are helping each other in ways not seen before.

It’s as if Mother Earth put us in time-out; some of us have time to regroup, meditate more, and go deep within to find a new sense of purpose and new sense of self.

There are some that are working even harder to get us through this trying time, and my gratitude goes out to each and every one of you!

For those who have lost friends and family members, I feel your sorrow at this difficult time, and my thoughts and healing energies go out to you. I will continue to hold space for all families feeling loss and fear and uncertainty.

My future posts will have more of an inspirational flavor. I’ve been going through quite a shift myself, and have put more focus on spiritual (not religious) endeavors.

I recall a message I received around 2005 during meditation. Two Native American elders came to me in a vision with a singular message: “Save the planet, save the children.”

(I didn’t do much with that command; instead I spent years healing myself and going through a few “dark nights of the soul.” {Talk about emotional rollercoaster rides!} I was able to emerge from the darkness with a clearer perspective of who I am, why I am here, and why I chose to experience those heartbreaking, soul shattering chapters.)

So, I will do just that. Time to stop procrastinating. My job now is to help heal, to raise energies, and to usher in the new higher dimensional frequencies; not to mention, sharing my stories along the way toward living my truth and living my purpose.

It’s been quite an exciting movement!

Thank you all for following me and supporting me; I do hope you continue to enjoy the posts, share them, and comment. I do love your feedback!

*I did add a couple widgets to the sidebar that link to my newly revamped website (which is now 90% finished); I’d be honored if you’d visit and let me know what you think!

Have a blessed day!



My Story Is About To Be Told!

secret cover

“Tear down the walls you’ve built up to hide your magnificent self.

The world craves to know you, to taste you, to feel you, to experience you.

Live your truth, bask in it, embrace it.

Be large and be wild…about YOU!”

Becca Inspires


Over the past several years I’ve had a few friends tell me, “You should write your story!” At first I laughed it off. I mean, really? Who wants to read about my struggles and triumphs? I’ve not done anything that warrants fame, nor have I done anything that places me in the halls of infamy…so why on EARTH would anyone be interested in what I have to say?

Fast forward to last year.

I was in a conversation with an acquaintance, and we were talking about life, and how bumps in the road appear and how we need to get over those bumps, or climb out of the potholes. He said a few things to me that I took as less than kind, and even though my life is not his business, I could feel his anger toward me (perhaps that was his way of showing concern, but it certainly felt less than compassionate). We also chit-chatted about some of my posts on Facebook, and how it was my goal to inspire others, mainly through writing.

I was told (I am paraphrasing here) that I had not reached the ‘enlightened’ stage yet, and until I was, I was in no way capable of writing a book that could inspire others on their journey. I had the sense that he was wanting to make me out to be a hypocrite! There was more said, but you’ve got the gist of the conversation.

That exchange fueled me and lit a fire under me! The next day I had a large portion of the outline done for my memoir, as well as a good portion of the body of the transcript. How dare someone tell me I can’t do something because I’m not ‘there’ yet, or good enough? He had never walked a centimeter in my shoes, nor was he in a place to tell me what I could or could not do!

So, because of that exchange, Finding Becca: The Remembrance of My Juicy, Passionate, Divine Self was born.

Writing my story isn’t just about selling a book; it is an opportunity to look over my life, especially the past ten years, and recount all the opportunities I found to open long-held emotional wounds and begin the process of releasing and healing them. It’s also an avenue to remember who I really am and remove all the illusions that I allowed to hold me in places that were less than healthy: spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Writing my story brought many tears and much sorrow and heartache. I realized how long I had buried those pains deeply inside me and let them stew until the pain became so great I had to let it out. At times it felt as if I was being battered all over again.

Now, with the book nearly finished, I can say that it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself.

I have the cover concept finalized and now just need to take the photos. The forepages are nearly done, and dedications are next. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful baby is about to be birthed into the world. What a painful yet exhilarating ride it’s been!

And now, yes, here’s the shameless pitch!! I’ve started a GoFundMe account to help raise funds to publish my book. I had to swallow my pride in doing this (and shed a few fearful, ashamed tears), but I knew that it was what I had to do to get the momentum going and have the chance to get this book in the hands of those whom it may help or inspire. So, I’m asking you – if you feel so led, I’d be grateful if you could donate to help me get my baby published. If you cannot donate, sharing is just as helpful!

You, my loyal readers, are very important to me, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the past two years that you’ve stuck with me and read my blog, commented, and shared (we’ve reached 120,482 views and 171 countries  at this moment!). It’s been my pleasure to share, connect, educate, and inspire!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the ‘thank you’ gifts on my GoFundMe page for those who feel led to donate!

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