Money DID Grow On Trees! ~ ‘Hemp’ Trees, That Is…

Did you know that from 1631 until the 1800’s hemp was used as legal tender in the colonies?  Hemp was ….MONEY! This, alone, shows how important it was to our country. Citizens could pay their taxes with HEMP!

In 1619 we had our first hemp laws, and they were laws that stated that farmers MUST GROW hemp, or face jail time.

Our first president, George Washington, grew hemp: “make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!”. Thomas Jefferson grew it; Benjamin Franklin owned a mill that manufactured hemp paper. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on paper made of hemp.

Hemp was one of the most important plants in our history!

So, if our first president grew hemp, and it was used as legal tender (money), and our Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper, and hemp supported the war effort in the early part of the century – doesn’t it go to show that all of these stress the incredible value this plant had throughout history?

And, in 1938 Popular Mechanics magazine touted hemp as the next ‘billion dollar crop’.

Hemp as good as money? Can you imagine our paper currency being manufactured with HEMP?

It’s as true now as it was then – hemp IS as good as money; the only difference is now it is nearly impossible to grow it in the US legally (it is legal in some states, but ILLEGAL to grow without the proper permits from the DEA, and currently these are almost impossible to get). But then…that’s another story.

(The above graphic is a 1914 Federal Reserve $10 note.)