GMOs … In Prescription Drugs, Vitamins and Supplements?


After I posted today’s blog article, a reader was kind enough to point out and educate me about GMOs being present in vitamins and supplements. This is what she said:

Prescription drug binders are notorious for toxicity. Research the negative effects that chemical binders have on common widely-accessible OTC vitamins too. Though the label says natural or organic, the wheat, soy, or milk binders in them are fully GM’d. It’s definitely a time to take chemicals out of the equation. This is a well-known echinacea capsule from GNC. The vegetable cellulose capsule ingredients are legally allowed to be made from FDA approved GMO’s. The DiCalcium phosphate in the Echinacea is a full-on chemical.

Many of us do try to avoid GMO products and foods, but this was the first time I thought about GMOs in medications and vitamins.

Here is what I found out from my research this afternoon:

Genetically modified organisms are being used to produce flavors, binders, enzymes, food additives and vitamins. Genetic engineers identify an organism that produces a particular additive, then they genetically alter it. It is then placed in an incubator of sorts, where the organism grows and multiplies. After it has reached maximum growth, the vitamin is isolated and extracted.

GM microorganisms are used to make vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), xanthan (a thickener), citric acid, and enzymes used in cheeses, breads and baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and juice.

While proponents say production of GM microorganisms is safe, there has been one major catastrophe. In 1989, an L-tryptophan food supplement, produced using a genetically engineered microorganism, was responsible for the deaths of 37 people and disabling of several thousand more in the United States.” (

The softgel capsules are often non-GMO as well, and non-vegan. There are some vitamin and supplement companies, however, that use vegan/non-gmo/kosher softgel capsules.

A growing number of vitamins are using GMO organisms. However, in light of this, there are some vitamin companies that ARE organic AND GMO free. Here is a list of proclaimed non-GMO vitamin and supplement companies:

HeathForce Nutritionals products, for example, are organic, or what they call ‘Truganic’, GMO free, pesticide, herbicide, and insecticide free, and irradiation free. I have some of their products in my Amazon store, you can see them here.

Again, you will want to do your research, but if you purchase generic, or regular name-brand vitamins and supplements from your grocery store shelf, it is fairly safe to say that you could be purchasing GMO products.

Prescription Drugs Now Leading Cause Of Accidental Death ~ Time To Return To Holistic Medicine

I read a very disturbing news article today: Prescription drug deaths now outnumber other deaths in the U.S., this includes accidental traffic deaths.

Prescription medications have become the leading cause of illness, disability, and death.

Have you looked at the information sheets that come with the prescriptions? There are often pages upon pages of warnings and adverse effects to be aware of.  Some medications’ side effects are worse than the illnesses that they are prescribed for.

These deaths are not only from accidental overdoses, but from the side effects and also from mixing with other prescription drugs.

Most drugs approved by the FDA are under-tested for adverse drug reactions, yet offer few new benefits. Drugs cause more than 2.2 million hospitalizations and 110,000 hospital-based deaths a year. Serious drug reactions at home or in nursing homes would significantly raise the total.” (

This does NOT mean that all prescription drugs are dangerous and should never be used. There are, of course, circumstances where the aid of prescription medication is needed. The point I am making is, often health care providers are too quick to have you pop a pill, or 10, instead of treating the CAUSE.

It’s very easy to treat symptoms, but treating symptoms will not heal the cause.

Let’s look at holistic medicine, for example.

Holistic medicine treats the whole person – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  How is this done? By retaining proper balance in all aspects of one’s health.

If one aspect is not working properly, it will affect the other parts. For example: Let’s say you’ve got a headache. There could be many possible reasons why your head is hurting – are you eating foods poor in nutritional value? Do you you have a back-ache? Are you stressed? Do you have trouble sleeping? Any of these could be the reason for the headache. Instead of just treating the headache, you need to get down to the main reason FOR the headache, and treat the reason, the main CAUSE – then the rest of your systems will balance back out.

What if you just treated the headaches by taking pain medications a couple times a day over the course of week, month, year? You’d be ingesting medications that are helping the headache, but the cause is still there (let’s say it is from stress), so the headache will continue. And by then you’ve filled your body with pain-relieving chemicals, some of which could be addictive.

What if, instead, you looked at the perceived cause of your stress (the root of the headache) and took measures to reduce stress in your life? You could do this in many ways: proper nutrition, removing toxins, exercise, yoga, meditation, lifestyle changes, removing things from your life that no longer serve you, counseling…and so on?

I could write pages and pages on this topic, but will save some for another day.

Basically what I am saying is, please be aware when using prescription drugs. Are you treating the cause, or just the symptom?