“Your Kind Isn’t Welcome Here…”

“Your kind isn’t welcome here…” This has got to be one of the most offensive phrases I’ve seen. And yet, in this day and age, in the year 2014, IT STILL EXISTS!

A couple nights ago, James Gordon, a friend of mine who happens to be African American, was at a dining establishment doing some work. This is the exchange that he posted on Facebook:

“The owner of Jubilee Grill and Juice on Halsted and Randolph said he did not want my kind in his place.
I said,”You mean award-winning, best-selling gorgeous m’fers?”
He then called the police.
Oh boy.
Thank goodness, didn’t think they would ever get here.”

 James Gordon, G.P.A.

The next morning, I posted my thoughts and feelings on racism and discrimination. Here is my response:

“I am shocked and saddened that this phrase even exists and is being used in this day and age: “We don’t want your kind in this place.” (I have a feeling that this particular business will experience some negative backlash and reduced clientele.)

What’s even more difficult and painful is knowing that those who I love, admire, work with, and who are some of my best friends have to live with this ugliness on a daily basis, and even in some places have to tread carefully BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR. I admit, this is a trigger issue for me, and my heart hurts for the pain this ugliness causes.”

Every person on this planet, regardless of skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, shape, size, ability, or economic status, should have EQUAL ACCESS to every human right that exists. PERIOD. This is almost 2015! And yet, it feels like the dark ages in some respects!

This morning I came across an article, Sony Hack Re-ignites Questions about Michael Jackson’s Banned Song.” In the article, Michael Jackson’s Prison Version of “They Don’t Care About Us” was embedded in the article. (It had previously been banned in the U.S.) And, here is my response:

“When a huge shift is about to happen, we often see those who want the darkness to remain fighting their hardest in one last attempt to survive and hang onto their old, sometimes ugly, dark controlling reality; and for the oppressed it is often darkest before the dawn.

I feel like we are in that moment. As earth’s energy rises to a new, higher vibration, those who refuse to change or participate in healing are experiencing their last gasp. Watching this video reminded me of just that. Oppressors will either have to rise with the rest of us, or they will eventually just be gone.

The oppressed will experience empowerment, and they will walk beside the rest of us, will join us in the new earth that will see more acceptance, more peace, more love, and more union.

We are seeing many revelations recently, and we are seeing the fall of the dark ones. Michael’s video in this article, in my opinion, is the heaviest yet strongest one he had ever done.”

I know that racism and discrimination aren’t going to suddenly die off tomorrow, and I know that much has to be done to eradicate that nonsense. But I also feel that the tipping point is on the near horizon, and acceptance will be the norm. Embracing others who are different will be the norm. Equal rights and opportunities will be the norm.

This world would be a pretty dull place if we were all the same; I look forward to the day when EVERYONE embraces diversity.

One Love. ❤